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hi my name is sarah and i live in looking for anyone who was in ruths home of compassion in georgia from    81-82. i was placed there by my parents and to this day they still cant understand what happened to me was anything but 35 years old and i still have nightmares.i would really like to talk to anyone who was there.thank so much.

Anonymous: ... park8.html

In 1983, allegations of abuse at Ruth's Home of Compassion in Rome, Ga., ultimately led the state to close the school for failing to obtain a license.

Seems associated with Mountain Park.....

which is also associated with Rebeccah/Roloff's etc.

thanks i have always wondered what had become of the other girls there.there are people that tell me to let that stuff go.i think ive done a pretty good job of doing that.but until you have been there yourself and have been stripped of who you are you never can really get over can push it to the back of your mind but it always comes back.ive talked to my husband about things that happened to me and all i get is what did you do to deserve i dont discuss it with him one will ever understand unless they have gone through it themselves

oops i forgot to log in. im new to all this stuff.guess im a geek. :smile:


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