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But NOONE wants to talk ..

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I see small inserts all over this site here and there about vision quest .. and even the comment they are the leader of the pack with deaths in there programs .. BUT when will someone finally step up and talk !!!
I will tell u why noone is speaking out against them (at least not anyone with a real claim against them ) .. US parents do our best to defend our children when they are hurt.. and with such a place the defense is to sue them with always the hopes to get enough out of them to hurt the wallet enough to shut them down. Well when you do ur lawsuit and shit starts to sling they pull out all the stops to make ur child look like the idiot rather then there so called staff .. in the end 9 out of 10 times a settlement is reached and guess what .. with that settlement comes a little agreement u must sign called Confiditallaity agreement HAHHA .. why to shut our mouths and not speak out . And they warn u if you speak they will sue U for what u won plus more .. well .. that in my opion should not stop us as parents from talking about what happened to our kids . SPEAK UP PLEASE cause without everyone talking others will never know what these places are about . Honest.. I had NO clue VQ had such a history . never seen it on the news or read it in the papers.. I am a younger parent who at that time didnt even know anyone who had been a such a place other long enough for abuse and deaths to happen..
SO please please .. lets get the word out . I can name off the top of my head at least 3 differnt facilities up here in Pa where kids have been beaten abused killed rapped and neglected.. but its not put in the papers or on my local news. I have talked with hundreds of kids who have been in these places all at different times all who dont know each other but can all give a story the same or close to the same . these kids are not crying wolf they are crying out for protection against the very same people us parents are either willing to go to or forced by the Juvi courts to go to for help!!!!
Speak cause there are plenty of people ready and willing to listen!!


If you really want to get the message out, try contacting organizations such as ISAC ( and Teen Advocates USA ( They may be able to help. Good luck.

I am not a lawyer. Lets get that out of the way. But I was told once that the confidentiality agreements can not hold up in court, b/c you can not sign away your first amendment rights.
The idea seems to be the Constitution trumps all other documents.
Of corse this doesn't mean they won't sue you or that you might not loose.
But if you have the right attorney - one trained in constitutional law - You Could maybe have a ground breaking case.
I'd Love to see all these damdable hush agreements thrown aside.

One of the reasons people don't speak out is because they just want to put it all behind them. It's difficult to keep focusing on something as negative as this.  I agree that  more people need to speak out to make a difference. I'm sure this will happen some day since these programs are proliferating at such an alaming rate. They are truly out of control and children are dying in these places.  Many more are being seriously injured psycholgically, emotionally and physically.

With a record of 14 deaths (that I'm aware of) I've always wondered too why we don't hear much from VQ survivors.
That's a pretty pathetic record. Amazing that they are allowed to continue to operate.


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