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... i used to attend the whitmore buT i was taken out by my parents due to the fact of the mental, emotional, and child to child abuse that was taking placE THERE.
       I have just recently discovered this Fora and i am glad i did. So i can answer any questions to any of the parents that really want to know what has been going on at the Whitmore, { especially Mrs. Joyce Harris}  
      but obviously ur kids do not feel that doing what is best for not only themselves but the others there along with mark and cheryl is coming forth and speaking up for what THEY KNOW is the truth and the  difference between LOYALTY  and the people who really DO  care for you and love you!!!!
    your children have sadly been manipulated and brain washed to the point where they are only hiding the truth because they are too afraid to come forth...However i wasn't.
      Over the course of my months at the Whitmore i had enjoyed a lot of good memories and trips, but only at the beginning of my stay there did i think that the daily sleep deprived schedule, verbal abuse, ***emotional abuse***, crazy a group sessions that always last until atleast 12  am.....ending with only about 4 or 5 to 6 hours of sleep every night ....if not that... I tryed my best to overlook these problems like veryone else did... but in my third- fourth month there i began to really see the "real" idea of the whole place. It makes me cry to think back on all the good memories i had with the group and for them to now think that i have qoute on qoute " betrayed' them..... I am sorry you all feel this way. And i don't hate Mark, Cheryl, the kids, or anyone at the Whitmore for what they have done in the past, to the animals, etc..... I ONLY PITY THEM. I feel sorry for the fact of the matter of how
 such a twisted, brain washed, idea of what "love" and friendships really mean there have brought about all this trauma.
      I have always been taught to take a stand for what i believe in and that November night i finally did. When the police drove me, casie, and LiTTLE zITA{ WHOM I MISS VERY MUCH AND PRAY FOR HER EVERY DAY} aS WE WALKED INTO THE POLICE  station i remember Casie saying quietly...' Now don't say anything dum you guys" translation....." Now don't tell what really happened" my mind i thought " ok i have to tell a lie to save mark and cheryl's butts for all the pain they have caused to me and the others kids as well as the animals!!!!!"....but i just kept silent and once i was under questioning i let all the beans out...
     I answered every question they asked me by the honest truth..... and how i had been holding it all in for soooo long! I crIed and was happy not because i was going home, but because for once ion my life i had TAKEN A STAND AND FOUGHT FOR WHAT I BELIEVED WAS RIGHT.....
        Faith and fear don't mix so if you believe that what u believe in is the truth than why should you be afraid...... OBVIOUSLY THE WHITMORE WAS!!! i wasn't afraid at all in that police bldg cause i knew that i was atlast safe... i was afraid around the group to mmention it to mark or cheryl cause i know that something bad would happen....
          Just to let all the paretns know Mark and Cheryl are good people i believe in my heart, just that the reason why this is not an issue for some of the paretns is because they are failing to realize that Just because Mark and Cheryl "act" as the wonderful people they seem to be they sugar coat almost everything, lie to authority, you paretns!!!!, and dish out love but more hurt!! They make Nephi out to look like "Lolly pop" land and there little mansion a "step ford" wive's home.
     I have witnessed her cussing crudely to myself and all the others, but Mark always just sat back and never really said anything. Cheryl cussed like a sailor, she made very racist comments to my friend Zita and Eddie,......{ but hey it's ok right cause we're a fmaily and everything is zippity ok dippidy fricxken dooo!!!" She had groups tills two in the morning sometimes. Sleep deprivation, poor food condition, and tons of nasty mice were in the walls.
      I still laugh that i couldn't flush my own damn tp.....sick b'z!! Cheryl i hope you read this...this is the real me.....ha! now what can you do....... GATHER AND cry to ur "family"... all ur 40 "kids" that you just "love" so much in the group room.....wait! don't forget ur license!!!! haaaaaa! hold aint got one. just one for phycoticness....... I am sorry i ever met you and mark, but AT THE SAME TIME SO FRICKEN GREATFUL THAT NOW I AM HOME AND progressing in a safe , healthier enviornment!!!!

Welcome, Friend.
Excepting drug activity for personal use or free
distribution from the sweep of the CSA would discourage the consumption of
lawful controlled substances.
acting US Solicitor General, Paul Clement; Ashcroft v. Raich
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Hi Everyone,

I am now at home for Christmas, and have turned 18. First off, I want to say that Erica you are the biggest baby I've ever met. You DONT know what a real program is. I wish you could experience WWASP, then you'd understand what a program is.. so stop bitching, I hate whiny brats like you. I'm sorry to everyone else that has to read this, but I have had problems with this girl for a very long time, even before everyone found out who she really was. I wish that you could experience one of my days at AIR. Maybe then you'd understand what a real program is.

Just for your info, cussing like a sailor means cussing a lot. You know, like you.
Why don't you ask your mummy dearest how bad you cuss? I'm sure she knows with how bad you still treat your family after seeking help.


--- Quote ---On 2004-12-25 09:58:00, chrisgentile wrote:

I wish you could experience WWASP, then you'd understand what a program is.. so stop bitching,

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Wow! That sounds remarkably like some people who tried to defend what happened at Abu Graib by pointing out that at least we didn't gas a whole town like Chemical Ali had.

So at least Whitmore is not as bad as WWASP? Is that our standard of conduct?

Being sleepy can impair someone's ability to do thier job.  People
can sleep at home and come to the job with sleepiness still in their system. The sleepiness can still be there long after the employee has slept. When someone is found to be sleepy on the job, they can claim that they went to sleep the night before.  The only solution to this problem is to ban employees from sleeping.

--Arthur Slabosky
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