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Hi, my name is Sarah and I spent 2.5 years at the behavior modification facility that is called Casa by the Sea.  My first day was Jan 3, 1999 and I didn't get to go home until the end of May 2001.  I was so upset when I first arrived that I was unable to eat for two weeks.  Finally, they had one of the male staff force feed me by holding me down and shoving food down my throat, which continued even after I vomited.  I started out in the Courage family, which consisted of a group of girls who where there for various reasons, including drugs, sex, violence, run away, etc.  As far as I could tell, all I had done was smoke cigarettes, and get bad grades.  I spent about the first two months of my time in the worksheet room because I spoke out of turn, or didn't fall to the ground and hide my face in time when the boys passed.  Apparently it is considered wrong to look at a guy, which is something that it took me a year to get over when I got out. All schooling was self study.  Most of the books were ok, but the math books really sucked, it took me like 8 months to get through one chapter of Algebra because I didn't understand the teachers attempts to tutor me.  Every family group has a "case manager" and my first one was Imelda, who stole things that my parents sent me.  At least half of the books they sent were never given to me, THREE graphing calculators were stolen.  Most of my items that were confiscated from me when I got there were missing when I left, the bin that my stuff was in was somehow gone and my stuff was in a laundry basket.  I remember one day when a new girl in our family ran away, and we were forced to stand in the seminar room all day facing the wall with our noses like an inch away.  I never made it to level five or six, and found it almost impossible to get to levels 3 and 4.  I had to stop brushing my hair because my red hair got everywhere and I was unable to get all of it out of my brush.  When I had to live in a room with a girl who had scabies is when it got really bad because I got it too and was forced to be quarantined and wear an awful smelling cream that I still have nightmares about.  I still wake up in the middle of the night thinking that we have to go outside for a headcount, and I even dream in Spanish at times.  I was once sent out to the gynecologist and was told that I had Gonorrhea, which was impossible because I was a virgin, and had never come into contact with anyone who had that, but of course I had to pay a high price for that visit.  I was forced to pay with my college money for all of the school's fees, which left me nothing to go to school on.  I was forced to go through seminars every month, and found that if I was unwilling to comply with the program I would never get to go home.  I was once put on what they called a "challenge" where I was not allowed to speak at all, and was only allowed to non-verbally communicate with another student and was required to do everything that she told me to do.  I was told that it was for my own good.  I have so many emotional scars from my time there that I will never be able to move passed.  I was constantly used as an example by the administration when we had facility meetings as what not to do, and how not to act, and what was wrong with me.  I still constantly thing that I can't do anything right because when I was at Casa, I never could.  My parents were so convinced that they had to keep me away from my friends that when I got out, I had to go to a different school, and was not allowed to socialize until I turned 18.  I sometimes wake up hearing the tapes on the "World's 100 Greatest People" or he "World's 100 Greatest Books" that I had to listen too for hours every day until I was able to figure out how the rules worked.  They finally had to send me to "PC-1" because I had
been there for so long that they were sick of dealing with me.  Then a month and 1/2 later I was woken by one of the "mamas" and told that I was going on a home pass, but that I could not tell anyone.  Why not? Because I was a special case, and there was more to it, I just didn't know at the time...  When I was at the airport I was given paperwork and plane tickets, in it I found a letter from my parents to the administration thanking them for letting me go through the last seminar in May so that I could come home for good.  When I arrived back at Casa for the last two weeks of my stay, I was forced to write a 5000 word essay on the importance of being obedient, because I had told my friends that I was going home.  I still don't understand why I should have hidden the fact that I was going home and that I was happy about it!  I needed to say goodbye to my friends and prepare them for the fact that I was leaving.  I still wish that I had been able to keep in contact with some of them.  We all went through so much together that we should keep in thouch.  If anyone was there during the times that I was, please e-mail me at [email protected] .  I think that the only way that we will ever be able to get over the things that happened to us is for us to talk to each other about it.

Troll Control:
Good God.  I am very sorry, young lady, for what you have endured at the hands of some of the sickest people with whom I have ever had the displeasure to interact.

Unfortunately, your story rings familiar.  Literally hundreds, if not thousands, of kids were tortured-for-dollars at the hands of WWASP.

I would advise that you speak with an attorney to initiate a lawsuit.  You will never regain what you have lost emotionally, but compensatory and punitive damages may well help you get going with your life again.

WWASP is currently being sued in CA.  I read the allegations of the petitioners, and your story matches up pretty well with their experiences.  

If you need assistance in finding resources to get your case rolling, please PM me and I will point you in the right direction...

I spent 23 months at Casa By The Sea. There definetly was abuse of the children there, I saw it with my own eyes. I saw kids get slammed onto the tile floor face first. Kids would often have to lay in a hog-tide position for days on end if they misbehaved. The mormons who ran it were assholes at best. I personally saw them mis-treat kids more than the Mexican staff. In my family there was about 20 to 25 kids at a time. Once, Jason (one of the directors) made our whole family sit facing a wall in a room for a week due to lack of progress in the program. It was all about the money to these guys. These guys did not generally care about the kid's well being at all. I broke my knee 45 days before I was due to graduate. The doctor on campus said that my knee would be fine and that it was not broken. I convinced my mom to pick me up and take me to an american doctor in San Diego, and sure enough it was broken in 2 places. My mom felt horrible. I then explained the mal treatment that many kids are subjected to at Casa. If I had not been so close to graduation when I broke my knee, they would have made me walk on a broken leg. Anyway, nothing about this place is good, if you did send your kid here, I would suggest talking to him or her about their experience in detail. Please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]

this message is to ryan calburn. who spoke out in the article about Casa. You know nothing of what we had to go through each day and night. you were there four months. what gives you the right to comment on the conditions of that hell hole? My name is Phil Fetner and i was trapped in that place for over a year. over a year of my life i will never get back, and where i faced things no young man should ever have to experience.  so next time you feel bad or hurt or whatever because of your four month scentance think about all of us who were there for nine months longer than you.

Hi,  I spent 1 1/2 years at casa.  I was only 13 almost 14 when i entered.  The shit i saw there will hunt me for ever.  I had been there for 1 1/2 months before I left.  I got moved to midwest Academy and ended up graduating from there.  I'm now in the military and currently being deployed.  The shit i will se in iraq will never compare to the shit that the staff did to us at casa.  For all the parents who tought we were lying to them about how bad it was well look how u place your trust in the family reps who layed to you over the phone.  The parents out there who sesnt there kids and still dont belive that casa was bad.  I do respect lots of people...but you parents who still think were wrong.  Take your fucking head out ur asses and look at the facts.  I wish that this program was here way back in the you gusy say so that u would go to it....becuase u would see the shit they pull.  I'm a private first class in the us army.  I now vaules but when u have to face the facts you parents are dumb shits.  I've never seen a guy in basic or even in the navy seals have to move a garage can full of sand back and forth all day for not wanting to do a seminar.  Thats bs.  I've seen a guy get the shit beat out of him after being caught trying to get away.  I live on the c buliding top floor with freedom family...witch over looks the worksheets.  They had staff lined up out the door one goes in one comes out.  The poor kid had broken arms and shit and i thnink he was from honor family.  I hope you parents can get your faces out or you guys asses and look at the facts.


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