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Casa by the Sea / Casa La Esperanza / Genesis shut by Mexica

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Secound line where it says mouths shouold be 1 1/2 years like the first line srry

As a Casa by the sea survivor, and seeing abuse RIGHT in front of me from LUKE HALLOWS sitting on top of a 14 year old LITTLE girl screaming and cussing at her in R and R will never leave my memory, or seeing the girls walk through the gates from High impact, where the WWASPS says they had NO affiliation with them!!! I cant belive this! PLEASE PARENTS!!!! THESE PROGRAMS HAVE SEMINARS THAT ARE ABUSIVE AND BRAIN WASHING YOUR POOR KIDS!!! I KNOW MORE THAN YOU KNOW! PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU HAVE ANY PERSONAL QUESTIONS THAT I CANT MENTION ON HERE, DUE TO MY FAMILY BEING A PART OF THIS HORRIBLE ABUSE. [email protected] THANK YOU
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