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Reports Of Abuse Shut Down Boarding Schools
Schools Focus On Children With Behavior Problems

POSTED: 9:58 am PDT September 13, 2004

SAN DIEGO -- American children who may have been mistreated in rehabilitative boarding schools in Baja California , Mexico, were escorted back into the United States this past weekend.

About 530 students from Casa by the Sea, located outside Ensenada, crossed into the U.S., as did 20 from Casa La Esperanza in Ensenada and other children from Genesis, south of Rosarito Beach.

Behavior modification programs offered at the schools reportedly were developed for children with drug dependencies and behavior problems. Parents reportedly turned to the schools as a last resort.

Authorities raided the schools after receiving reports that the youths were being mistreated.

Most of the children were initially sent to the Town and Country Hotel in Mission Valley where their parents were able to pick them up.

Former Casa by the Sea student Ryan Calburn said he wasn't surprised about the raid. He spent four months there.

"When I was there, some guy got slammed against the wall," Calburn said.

He also said he remembered routinely being forced to sit still for hours as discipline.

Many of the parents who came to pick up their children after the raid said they don't understand.

"He's only gone straight up since he's gone into this program," a parent said.

"It's so frustrating he's come so far, then upheaval, he was on track," another parent said.

Casa by the Sea school officials were not available for comment Sunday.

Schools Focus On Children With Behavior Problems

POSTED: 9:41 am PDT September 16, 2004

The head of a boarding school in Baja is responding to allegations of abuse at the school.

Mexican agents shut down three Baja boarding schools, sending hundreds of American teens to a hotel in Mission Valley in San Diego to await their parents.

Mexican officials reported physical and emotional abuse at Casa by the Sea near Ensenada.

Some former students aren't surprised by the accusations, while others strongly doubt them.

Former student Ryan Calburn said, "When I was there, some guy got slammed against the wall."

However, former student Ariel Mittleman said she never saw any abuse.

"Nobody was ever physically abused there. Nobody was ever neglected there," Mittleman said.

The director of the schools, Luke Hallows, said students do have to be restrained sometimes, but the school follows strict guidelines.

ARIEL MITTLEMAN. if anyone knows how i can contact her or anyone who was in the Alliance Family within the past couple of years PLEASE i would appreicate it more than anything in the world if you would e-mail me at [email protected] PLEASE you cant understand what it would mean to me.

wow i cant believe that people would say this bull shit. i went to ivy ridge in new york, and even there there was lots of no good shit goin on. Once mr. Finlinson slammed this kid bryan rominger into a radiator on the floor for not sitting down. He left marks on his face, and in the rule book it says that the rules for restraining is only for when you are going to hurt yourself or others, not for not sitting down. Secondly there is not supposed to be any marks left on student, and most of all no bending of limbs, and any body parts. In not one of the restraints i saw did they follow these rules. These programs are full of shit, and if your a parent and you fall into the bull shit you should kill yourself for what your putting your child through. i would never wish such a thing on any kid. after being there i feel that it was a waste of 40 grand, and my parents still cant understand what the hell i went through there. Physical, and mental abuse. Things revolve around intimidation of staff, and constant threatening from staff that they'll "slam your ass." I beg you parents out there dont makes your kids life worse by sending them there. this is just something that they will look back on get depressed and smoke up becasue of it. i know this because i do it. So dont send your kids its a scam, and its bull shit.

Anon, would you consider communicating w/ the Boonville, MO ppl? Litchfield is trying to buy a closed military school for Randall Hinton to operate (formerly of TB, Dundee and White River Adventure) Seems asthough they've got some of the Kemper Alumni all dewy eyed w/ nostalgia over resurrecting the fine military academy they remember. They need a reality check!

Thanks! (just search Kemper in these forums for leads on more info)
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