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All this is very, very true. In fact I think the whole damned daytime talkshow format is modeled after an encounter group. I can't stands to watch them. They're worse than soap operas, imo.

However, Montel Williams discovered the truth about the industry through firsthand experience and went on to do a very good show about it. Maybe he just has more integrity than the rest. Maybe it's just because he's feeling his mortality here lately. W/e, I'm just thankful that he did that show.

Keep on sending those cards and letters. Make sure and send copies and enquiries to all shows competing for the same times/audiences. Where 60 Minutes will probably never do an honest piece on the industry, Dateline did. Ya' just never know.

They used to burn witches. Today we laugh at them. Today we jail people for marijuana. Tomorrow they'll laugh at us.

--Robert "Rosie" Rowbotham
--- End quote ---

I refuse to use the word "student" 'cause TAR just ain't no school.  Where are you guys?  People are ready to expose this crappy place, but need to hear from you.

The "Brat camp II" serie had just been on Danish television and here are some of the reactions.

In our courts some of our soldiers from Iraq have been on trail. Their crime: They have kept suspect terrorist in stress position for hours. As we saw "impact" the youngster had to sit all day. They could not lie back because they would be accuesed for trying to sleep. If that is not a keeping people in a stressful position, I don't know what position that would be called that.

The bapist church thing would be a crime. In Denmark this church is a minor church and forcing someone with a different faith to attend what most Danish people would call an extremism form of Christianity would certainly also be regarded as a crime.

Two years have gone since the serie had been shown. The successes of 5 of them had in some way been confermed. But it seems that we have to wait for the rest to live for some time after they have turned 18.

It seems that they for the most part have lived in fear from being send back. I have to see pictures of one of them just before her 18 birthday and some months after. She was a lovely girl on the first picture (not even her hair was colored) and now she have tatoos and piercings a lot of places even several in her face.

Some of her letters to a friend even showed some kind of manic tone in her answer if one dares to critize her parents decision to send her there. Her parents were god even though I happen to know that one of them accuesed her for pushing them into suicide thoughts.

TAR is a sick place for parents to hide away their responsibilities for those childs they themselves did put into the world.

TAR was so much fun. Yeah I didn't learn much, but when you are there 120 days because your mom hates you, you learn how to get along. I lived at the house, I rode every day with the coolest people, Max and I were so tight, I loved all the night staff, things were amazing there. Trust me, there are worse places. Like Hidden Lake Academy where I went for 3 years and is now being sued for 5 million. The people there actually care. THe counselors are retarded, btu I loved it. You jut have to play the game. AND i went back for an extra month when i went home and shit failed. but i fucking loved it there. its my favorite place on earth!


Level 1: Impact

You are forced to sit in a circle a full day or more. You are not allowed to lie back. You have just arrived properly by force or tricked to the place unknowing what is about to happen.

If it is not being called "put in a stressful position.", I dont know.

If a Danish soldier did so with a suspect, he would be convicted in court. I know it because we just had a trial like that.

Why should a terror-suspect have more rights than a child?


As most of the world now know, we don't enforce religion on people. I am a member of the largest church in Denmark. Being forced to attent a church of a nother fraction of the Christian world, would in my oppinion be regarded as someone telling me to worship an idol instead of my god.

Eventhough we all are Christian, there is a difference. That is what Nothern-Ireland is all about. And we danes had also had our suffering during the reformation.


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