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Speak out now!


contact me if you have any info (students/employee ext.) at [email protected]

How about some specifics?

Who are you?

A lot of programmies have done what you're doing now to collect information from people.

A lot of information is at, anyway.
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actually I have been in contact with issac corp and Shelby the director for the past year. The only way anything is to be done about the school is mass media (because of laws- or lack of anyways in Missori). I have been in contact with many former thayer students as I was one myself and employees willing to speak up.

Speak out now!!!  Anyone having any information about Thayer Learning Center PLEASE CALL, 1 (800)632-4747 or 1 (660)632-4747.  We all need to ban together to stop this crazy people from ruining our community and our childrens lives.  Please CALL!!!   :flame:  :flame:  :flame:


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