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Seed / Straight Differences

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Antigen, can you describe the differences between Seed and Straight. Specifically, the level of committment from the members were thye as "impassioned" at straight then seed. Did they have any key figures that everyone praised? Did straight feel like they really "loved" you. . .or were they not as good of cons as seed members?

Sorry, I haven't got time to answer this one right now. There are several threads here and in the Straight forum comparing The Seed and Straight. A lot of my and other people's thoughts are posted already. I will get back to this, just that I sort of have to run right now.

Here's one: ... &forum=8&9

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Here's some more.

That's a whole lot on the differences between The Seed and Straight. I hope it answers some of your questions and raises others. We could also go into the similarities and differences among the many other Synanon based programs that people talk about around here.

Here's a tip, though. Some of the forums around here are kept essentially useless for public discourse by way of persistent trolling. I'm sorry about that but I just can't figure a way around it. If I set myself as the arbiter, then I get trolls trying to curry favor so they can shut down dissent and I have no reliable way to tell who's for real and who isn't. So I just leave it to the reader to decide for themselves who's worth listening to or talking with. Sorry, but that's the best I can do.

The best way to get any info about those places is to brows those forums, identify a sane person or two and then contact them by private message, email, chat or whatever.
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The SEED had far more homosexuals enrolled in the program than Straight.   Much more back door banging and fish eating in the host homes. :lol:

I don't know ifthat is true anon.  Pretty sick if you ask me.


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