Author Topic: words like systematic, trauma, and anguish  (Read 1656 times)

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words like systematic, trauma, and anguish
« on: March 07, 2011, 09:43:33 AM »
Again, I am compelled to come to this last vestige of civilization: Fornits- the place that made it possible to
have conversation about the intricate experiences of people who've been through places that defy aggregate perspective.
 We are often in the margins, often passionate, and often just a little off color. I was one of a handful of people that were specifically interested in CEDU when I first found this forum. Was I the only one who felt deeply effected by all that I experienced in that rustic place? It is here that I saw the cotton candy stick to the stick and the abundant conversations and visitors began to congregate. Sometimes these specific issues actually found intelligent discourse through the different perspectives generated here. Words turned to action; emotional support turned to a flood of truth and truths that had been forgotten, and CEDU was shut down for being the liars that they mostly were.

     CEDU's effects are lasting. It is time to (again) address the harsh reality that trauma incurred within the intense and remote climate of the the CEDU schools was done purposefully. The harder you broke the better you would be for it. The systematic stripping of individual identities, as a very very first step follows a long line of traditions that Americans are traditionally horrified by, and in fact, have gone to war over.  I am still horrified by what I personally went through, and what I witnessed. Simply put: I must continue to search for closure and understanding of those early teen years and they're eventual impact on the lives on me and the people that I know. I only bring up the Patriotism issue for one reason- and that is to reflect on the further hypocrisy of "it all". I don't have the time or gumption to define my entire perspectives on "it all" and it's relevance to CEDU, but I do know that it was illegal on levels that go beyond the financial fraud that closed them down. It's unfortunate that while admitting they defrauded parents out of tons of money by not providing services, no one that I'm aware of, went into the specifics of that service. WE KNOW what the services were, and we know that it was incongruous with the principles of Americanism.
     Don't despair. Living lies is never easy. It's my estimation, unless you've been through it, nobody really gives a shit. We are like soldiers in that regard; under appreciated and full of questions about the "big picture" of why we lost so many people, and a distinct feeling and knowledge that we were lied to about much much bigger things.
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     \'That I will not have, \' I said, \'nor can understand at all. What you\'ve been doing is to make me feel very very ill.\'
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