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funny seed stories

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FUNNY SEED STORIES...Please post them here.

Okay, I think I have one.

In the early 70s open meeting was every monday and friday. With approx 700 kids and group and more than double the number of observers and parents, it was an event likened to a penecostal tent revival in the press.  

Part of the dog and pony show was that when someone "earned" the right to go home, it was a secret until someone passed him/her the mike, he would exclaim into the mike "mom, dad...IM COMMING HOME!" and the place would go crazy applauding, old ladies would cry, people would hug each other. It was really a site to see.

My first open meeting the mike was passed to a guy on the front row and he made the proclamation with much emotion "MOM, DAD...IMMM COMMMINNNG HOMMME" real sincere like. His parents were gleee filled, the entire place burst into applause...only it wasn't true and the staff wildly tried to get the place under control and came down on him hard the next day.  The next open meeting, the same...with the staff wildly waving off the applause and shooting him dirty looks.  This went on every open meeting and people would get snookered every time.

Hysterical.... :grin:  :grin:  :grin:

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Can u i contact u by phone i need to speak to u Greg and need to hear ur voice.

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I had two older brothers in The Seed at one time. The one took the indoctrination, hook-line and sinker. The other really only agreed to go in to stay close to the girl next door, whom he eventually married. But he never really bought in. So, just for shits and giggles, once in awhile he'd relate in group about his druggie past, only he was telling our brother's story. Far as I know, Tom never busted him out and no one ever really caught on. Eventually, they graduated Jim, telling him they'd given up, he wasn't ever going to buy in, so just get out.

In order to live free and happily you must sacrifice boredom. It is not always an easy sacrifice.
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GregFL:'n, get yer head out yer asses and get outta yer head....there has to be more funny stories out there!!!


Okay, I got one.  There was this skinny sixteen year old kid that got put in the seed and "thought he was tough". He really was just a skinny kid that apparently had a hidden talent.

Soon he was gone. Of course we didn't know what happened until a couple days later he showed back up and got stood up for "splitting". He apparently had escaped and they came down on him hard for hours.

Sufficiently pleased that they had modified his behavior with their ego busting techniques, they sent him home again. The next day once again he was gone.

Again a few days later we are blessed with his return when we learn the police had caught him and brought him back.  Once again he is stood back up for a "come down on you" session and told if he ever left again he was going to passing two hundred dollars. Again he goes home with a new house with increased security and the next day...gone.

A week later here he comes again and we here that he "split again. This time he was savagely ripped apart in group and told how lucky he was to be getting another chance, that they should just let the police take him to jail. At the end of the night when they made announcements, they stood him up and then stood up the biggest baddest kid, an oldcomer about 19 years old with massive muscles, sneared at him and told him he was going home with this ex football jock along with his massive dad and brother, was going to be locked in his room and there was no way he would ever escape again.  Everyone laughed at him as the muscular oldcomer smiled at him with "a shit eating grin".

That was the last time we ever saw him because that night he escaped for the last time...



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