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sayings in the seed and what they really meant.

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"feel motivated"

to be excited by some element of the seed as in "that love rap really motivated me"


To wave your arm frantically back and forth in an exaggerated fashion in hopes of being called on.

very insightful.

Wow - I was in straight and about 90% of those sayings and meanings made their way to straight.  What a blast from the past!!    :eek:

i remember singing that year on Las Olas- mitch was behind me and cookie, It is strange but that was probably the closest any of the chicks were allowed to be near the guys, we also sang at the broward mall, the same year. we practiced for HOURS on end-
Do you remember the year all of the girls learned the dance to thriller.?
I have a horrible singing voice so I hated when I would be picked to start 'Jingle Bells' after the weekend meeting- which we stopped having and started going to Dania Beach instead for Football.
'Being full of yourself' = having an original or independent idea.
It is interesting it seems those who were in the program earlier and stayed for less time have a very different prospect than those of us in the 80's who spent several years in the group. the group was much smaller and the scrutiny/ control was very intense. the fact that we all lived /worked/ spent every minute together was overwhelming. the only time I was in our house alone was the day I fled, and i was running frantic from one end of the house to the other- I left most my belongings as I felt panicked to get away-

SORRY I WENT OF TOPIC- one door leads to another.

didn't a girl named Leeann teach the girls the thriller dance?


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