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sayings in the seed and what they really meant.

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How about "crabs in a bucket" story? So, one crab is trying to escape the bucket, and the other crabs pull 'em in.  A metaphor for our 'old druggie friends,' of course, but also for the Seed itself, I think. It was a hard place to leave.

What about, "Every Day We're Straight, It's Like Christmas!" usually shouted at the top of your lungs in front of the group on the day of your anniversary. I hated this one, because my anniversary always made me feel sad, and it didn't feel at all like Christmas - except maybe for singing all kinds of Holiday songs, which I enjoyed. We even wore Seed t-shirts and sang to shoppers on Las Olas Boulevard one year!

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Antigen reminded me of

"get your head out of your ass"  

which really meant fall in line with what was expected of you, behave like a seedling.

"being gratefull"

Anytime you questioned anything at all, behaved like perhaps there was a world outside the seed, you weren't "being Gratefull".

"Don't get your head out of whack" - don't think you're too smart, funny or whatever. Not to be egotistical. But it also meant not thinking you were wmarter than the Seed collectively, staff members or especially, Art.

Think, Think, think.

Really meant Dont think independently or don't think outside the box. process every thought and emotion thru the filter of the program or the expectations of a seedling.

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