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sayings in the seed and what they really meant.

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The seed developed and assigned its own meaning to phrases. I can't remember them all, but Lets see if we can list them.

1) Getting into your head.

This meant stop thinking. If anyone was sitting silently not paying attention, or thinking to themselves or staring off, they were "getting into their head" and this must stop immediately.

2) get your head out of the gutter.
this meant stop having sexual thoughts.

3) I love you.
Used as a simple greeting by all seedlings and in group to salute those done speaking.

4) "You know" and "its like" and "I don't know".

These had no special meaning but were before during and after almost every sentence, at least in the early 70s. Any  linquist forced to listen to this butchery of the english language  would have gotten nauseus.


  "I don't know, you know its like I feel strong, you know. Its like everything has changed.  I don't know, its like ive gotten so strong these past three months. Its like I am a new person, You know. Before I came here, I dont know, it was like I was lost. Now I have so many friends, and its like my olddruggie friends, I don't know, they don't understand and you know, its funny because Its like  am stronger and better than they will ever be.  I don't know, Its like I feel so happy, you know. Since I came to The Seed its like a whole new world, you know. I don't know, but  love you guys.

anyone else remember the phraseology?

Perfect, Greg.

How about, "I can relate to what (insert name) said..."

This is a way to hook on to someone's statement, indicating approval OR as a way to subtly rework something said the needed to be improved upon, for instance, a Newcomer says "I'm starting to like it here, I mean people are great, but I'm still kind of lonely, I guess" (whoops). So here's the response - "I can relate to what John said. When I was a newcomer, I was lonely too, an first. And then I realized I had the best friends in the world right here, forever."

"Shit-eating grin" - indicates mindless happiness and the first indication that the "Three Day Miracle" is beginning. "I wasn't really happy at first, and then one day, I'm sitting there on the front row with this big shit-eating grin."

"That's some fucked-up shit." Self-explanitory, but usually used to indicate strong disapproval of something a newcomer did because they haven't gotten with the program yet or an oldcomer who is off track.

"The person I used to be..." was ALWAYS bad. If you screwed up and said, "You know, some of my friends were kinda OK... (long look from staff member leading the Rap) " - I mean, they were fucked up druggies and all...but" (the speaker looks around wildly, realizing that they are surrounded by disapproving stares) "well, I guess I mean I THOUGHT some of them were OK until I realized how fucked up it was that we were hanging out and stuff. OK, I love you" (as in, oh shit, gotta go - sit down fast and look at hands, waiting for the staff member or someone else to "relate" to you.

OK there's a lot more. But what's interesting to me is how much of it was non-verbal - a disapproving look, a raised eyebrow, a pregnant pause in a conversation. Like real life, only more so, cause everything was "so crucial" (another phrase which meant - too much, fucked up, don't worry about it)

And don't be such a "banana head" (nervous, socially inept loser, usually a newcomer whose moved on a bit and now wants to be accepted).

Oh, and don't be "into acceptance," like, I was so into acceptance with my old druggie friends (and now I'm just dying to have every Seed person totally 100% like me, but that's OK 'cause I'm still kind of a bananahead, I guess).

Oh shit, gotta go. Love ya!

Wally Gator[ This Message was edited by: cleveland on 2004-10-21 12:54 ]

ha!  That reminds me of a story I was telling someone on the phone yesterday.

In the seed you were never allowed to have any good experience before you came in. The world was divided in Before Seed = Bad, after Seed = Good. There was no deviation from this.

One Day John U. Came into group to start a rap and abrubtly said "who remembers some good times from the streets" Very wisely Virtually no one raised their hand except poor some unexpecting schmell from the second row who was immediately called on and started relaying a story about having a good time at a rock concert with some buddies.  As he was telling this he slowly spun around to tell the group behind him only to witness to his horror virtually ever hand flailing wildy. The look on his face was classic deer in the headlights and he was savagely ripped apart for daring to imply he may have had a good time before the seed.

Okay end of story more terminology.


Relate-talk in an honest fashion
relate to-share experience
aware-a biproduct of being "totally honest" which allows you (supposedly) to read other people with extreme clarity. A gift and special byproduct of being a seedling...awareness.

"The gift of awareness" (I think kind of like being "clear" in dianetics)


"The gift of INSTANT awareness" (for Art alone, akin to mind-reading).[ This Message was edited by: cleveland on 2004-10-21 13:21 ]

Oooh, and another one - Camelot. We were supposed to be in Camelot!

"A law was made a distant moon ago here,
July and August cannot be too hot,
And there's a legal limit to the snow here, in Camelot!"

Nobody ever said that but we sung it and it was clear who King Arthur was![ This Message was edited by: cleveland on 2004-10-21 13:27 ][ This Message was edited by: cleveland on 2004-10-21 13:27 ]

I guess Art's gift of "instant awareness" is what lead Robert Chun to say to a reporter last year "he even knows what I am thinking right now" while they were driving in a car and he was talking of Art.

My gosh, anyone still think this wasn't a cult?

How about

"when I was on the streets"

Really just meant before the seed as very very few seed kids were ever on the streets in the true sense of the saying.


anyone trying to hard or over-enthusiastic.


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