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Dear Heloise printed an invite from a shrink in Boston, Sandra Jones.  She has created a tollfree ADHD number and they (experts) are set up to talk to callers on the 26th.

A suggestion from a friend: I think it would also be worthwhile to call that number and ask to speak to an expert, and then take the
opportunity to give them a piece of your mind. I think that would be a worthwhile guerrilla action.

Complain to Heloise at:
FAX: 210 HELOISE (435 64 73)
EMAIL: [email protected]

To give the "experts" YOUR opinion, call:
1-888-ASK-ADHD (275-2343)on Monday, Aug. 26, from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.  I know they can't wait to talk to you.


I loved this analogy: I have found, as a school psychologist, that likening the use of Ritalin to attempt to enhance the academic performance of children with the use of steroids to enhance athletic performance, a particularly provocative
statement that gets many of the players to think more deeply about what is going on with this [bogus] AD/HD diagnoses.
Hope this helps.

Another had this to say, regarding the latest term being used (in the article) in an attempt to make ADHD sound legitimate:
"Evidence-based science"? In court they
call it "circumstantial evidence" and it is generally not enough to convince 12 people to sentence a defendant!


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