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« on: September 28, 2004, 10:42:00 AM »
Their seems to be some confusion about the purpose of The Seed Discussion Forum, so I thought it time to clear this up.

I moderate the SDF with the following comment. For 30 years now, there has been no place for people that attended the Seed to come and discuss what happened to them. Nada, Ziltch.  The only avenue of venting has been with people who don't understand, weren't there or that take an extreme stand (pro or con).  The Seed discussion forum exists FOR US ALL to post our comments and experiences, to debate the issues, to come to terms with what happened, to bitch about or praise our time there, to defend or to indict the Seed as a treatment model.

 To faciliate that vision of this discussion forum I ask that we leave personal attacks out. That is the only rule.

We can discuss until the cows come in but if people, supporters and detractors alike, are shouted down or personally attacked for their comments, then we do not have a forum, we have a  soap box. That is not my intent.

So please, keep this in mind when posting here. If you enjoy trolling or attacking, there are plenty of other forums right here on Fornits that will let you do so. If you want to talk, meet up with old friends, work out some issues or learn how others felt about the Seed, this is the place.

If would take a lot for me to ban a poster. It has never happened yet and likely never will. Also, I have only once or twice deleted posts when they got real  personal. I will defend each and every persons right to express their experiences and thoughts here and also defend persons against personal attacks.

You all know my opinion. I respect each and every one of yours even when we disagree.
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Re: Clarification
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