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When Do The Parents Find Out What Thayer Really Is?


When do the parents find out what Thayer really is and what really goes on?  Do they find out when the student comes home - if the kids are supervised all the time they can't find out via telephone or even family visits - so when do parents find out?

About the same time they find out that the Earth is not flat.
After all, who wouldn't prefer Middle Earth, unless they've been corrupted by a Ring of Power?

Jeff Elkins; Tolkien's Libertarian Vision
--- End quote ---

do you think they will listen to a teen that came from thayer with bad stories and the school has seemed to do so much good for the child?  or would they think the child was lieing as usual and not listen?  no one but the child knows how bad things are there and no one will ever listen when the child tries to tell.

Speak out now!!! Anyone having any information about Thayer Learning Center PLEASE CALL, 1 (800)632-4747 or 1 (660)632-4747. We all need to ban together to stop this crazy people from ruining our community and our childrens lives. Please CALL!!!


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