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scares or bruses? ABC wants to know

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I was told by the ABC news desk that they have been "looking at" at doing a story on abuse and neglect in Large Behavior modification Programs; but they need proof; scared and brused kids and or documentation of such.
Apparently the fact hundereds of kids give similar, even identiacl accounts, of what transpires inside, is not good enough.
I was told if I knew of anyone with documentation or proof to have them fax the ABC news desk.
So, if you are, or know some such person, write it up and fax it to:
323 - 671 - 5210

woooo go ABC!

I'm not all that excited. Essentially, what they're saying is that they're not going to cover the story unless they can find fresh bruises (on kids who are kept incomunicado, even from their own parents)

There are other very important aspects to the story that the media ought to be covering. SLT made a good start, I think, by starting to research political contributions and conflicts of interest among Program profiteers.

There's more. Remember Fen-Phen? Well Synanon style treatment is another high risk, unproven consumer product. Can you imagine the headlines if the media were to treat this form of broadly accepted, often publicly funded quack medicine the same way?

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Ginger - I agree.

Bruises heal and many parents are not even aware of what is going on with their child since communication and visits are strickly controlled and limited. When my daughter tried to escape the police noticed all of the bruising on her body and did nothing - no report to CPS - by the time we saw her the bruising was already failing. We do have a photo of a large rash on her leg as a result of an allergic reaction to a chemical restraint. This was left untreated for weeks.


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