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A Bad Trip


I was 19, drunk on wine, and headed out to the country with my girlfriend. She was about 5 years older than me, an girl from Harford County in art school. A damned good oil painter. She painted pictures of people ripping their hearts out against a background of red brick.  Not only was her choice of subject matter good, but she had  considerable skill as a painter. Ok, enough of that shit. I had met her outside of a bar. She came on to me and invited me back to her place where she was having a party. When we ended up  doing it later on, I had a nosebleed. This was a sort of  foreshadowing of our relationship to come, lol. Anyway, back to the  story. We were heading out to her property, yes she had some land out near the PA line. And there had been a cabin on it until some biker passed out with a lit cigarette. That was before our paths crossed. She knew people in the notorious biker gang The Pagans. She knew them well. You'd think that knowing this that I would have tried a little harder not to piss her off, lol. She was a hot-head, to be sure; but in the end, dumping me was enough. She wasn't evil, just kind of a bitch at  times. Ah, well. So to get on with this..we were headed out there, to her property, we had just dropped acid, and this was the first time I had dosed since before I was in straight. She decided  that she wanted to stop off and visit a friend. This guy might have  been a biker at some point, but I think he was just a Vietnam Vet. I didn't know this at first. We said hello, and sooner or later, they decide they want to start throwing horseshoes. This guy lived in a trailer and there were junked autos all over the place. I went into  the trailer. His wife was doing dishes in there. I was just sitting there for a while, resting my bones, letting the acid kick in...So in walks the guy - he picks up a shotgun, sits down and says to me, "I'll bet you can't make it to the door.." I pondered  this for a moment. He then informes me that "It's cocked.." A couple  seconds go by and I stood up, and ran out of the door screaming my head off. What a thing to have happen while you're on ACID for the first time in over 2 years! So I ran up the road and got into her car, completely shaken up. I watched a car burning there. She  apologized, told me that he was off of his meds, and that she had  given him what-for about it.

But Fro - are you sure the guy was real? The gun was actually there? Maybe this gal was playing with your head? How would you really know, under the circumstances?
I once saw a cop's face become a potato - but I'm pretty sure in actuality he had a normal face.
I had a plate of French fries turn into a mass of squirming worms. Try getting that down - telling yourself its Really just French fries. Same night my friend turned into a porcelain doll and I was quite nervous about being to near for fear I'd break her. Also saw a wizard grab a fairy and eat her alive, thanks to a black light poster on the wall. Trees and houses were flapping like sheets in the breeze for awhile. I was very uncomfortable with the notion the area we were in was located inside a large glass bottle, and if we didn't get the hell out of dodge, someone would put in the cork and we'd be stuck there - but I was unable to articulate this at the time.
I knew it wasn't actually so, nevertheless, I felt very uneasy about it and wanted to get out of the "bottle".
This was the first time I saw anyone doing the Bump. Remember the bump? I wasn't sure it was real, but turns out it was.
The point being - how do you KNOW anything about the guy or the gun? Under the circumstances?


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