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Elan Theatre Project Plus
« on: August 17, 2002, 12:40:00 AM »
I came here to write an article, at least, in the beginning, I came to the TIMETOCLOSETHEDOORS and Fornits board to eat and sleep the subject as I am not a "punch the time clock" journalist but a copywriter and a playwright with a homeoffice that has written bits and pieces of journalism (never had an article turned down in my college town where the paper USED to boast great talent before feeding the likes of "Knight Ridder" papers... they are EVERYWHERE like "Time Warner" for cable K!) and thought to do "somefreelance" while I cover these Brooklyn Indie film-makers on a movie they are showing at BAM and apply for more schooling in puters (I want to have my OWN site, that is Flash driven and professional as can be, not just the sites I have been creating without really digging in the CODE and down and dirty :smile:

Those that didn't or couldn't... you have different issues, but saving Elan is not up to's not going to give any new person an idea of what you went through since it is at least changing and your most "intense" emotional experiences WOULD LIKELY have happened about that age whether you were in the Communist Youth, Hitler Youth, and/or Elan. In fact, some of Hitler Youth grew up and STILL were antisemitic and like the ex German chancellor were allowed to hold high office... Sociopathic behavior is far too frequently condoned!  

Meanwhile, the bloodshed that has passed for "treatment" in this community was never anything I think than Ricci enacting the play called "The Persecution and Assasination of Jean Paul Marat as performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis De Sade.." but a sick "theaterofcruelty" experiment!  

Think of this "Marat/Sade" to shorten the play's name of Weiss's major 60's play theatre of cruelty/theatre of the absurd fest.  We know from reading, some folks, that Jim Morrison was a great fan of "Theatre of Cruelty" and appeared to live out the fantasies of Weiss with girlfriend Pamela a redhead like the play's "Charlotte Corday"

I could say Anne was Charlotte.  It would become a myth with a better FIT than a song by the Eagles about people with great chunks of money and drugs with no teenagers in sight although Charlie Manson saw "helter skelter" as the end of the world and the revolution fought by the black man.  So, why not? :smile:

Things were in the air...there was no cable television which mattered about "being informed" before we became "overinformed" A LOT!  And Ricci, was older, don't forget.  

So Daytop okay but we have a "theatrical man" with a penchant for "Oliver Cromwell" type "Morality Plays" rather than "overt theater" such as might be written by Shakespeare. Have you visited the site of the "Old Globe" in London?  In May, I did.  That part of the city was known for it's "geese" (prostitutes) and blood sport like "bearbaiting" (with real bears, rather like pitbulls) as it was a "notorious" part of town...more nasty than "Shakespeare in Love" could potray it!!

No, this Elan was like the world after "Kristallnacht" for the Jews (literally "the shattering of the crystal")-- the Elan residents TIME was spent in a meaningless Sisyphean pursuit of a "higher ground" which got higher the more you got near the peak, and which some realized RIGHT AWAY and withdrew from externally as well as internally.

If Ricci was preparing you for the real world why show you SOME things, and NOT show you the good with the bad and the ugly.  It's not possible that being cloistered as monks and nuns in those little huts that you were able to extrapolate what was happening in the so called "real world" and likely as entertained as your bored selves were the drama substituted for the end.  

There are things you will never GET BACK AGAIN, like a contraband "high" from a "sick game" unless you have the "original players" and "regress" in a "past life fashion" to the "original setting."  You can of course ATTEMPT to find people SIMILAR to the originals and attempt to act out a necrophiliac worship of the "dead" that until the internet came along so many of your fellow residents managed to become!

In the 90's, of course such pursuits have MOVED "offshore" and "out of the country" for the most part or "into the wilderness" because the things that kids are going to be subjected to are life and death type of facsimiles or "defining moments" in their lives which are FABRICATED and dehumanizing and should be BANNED and OUTLAWED nonetheless in SUCH FORMS.  

Maybe, rites of passage that we had younger persons once go through are not "in themselves" BAD.  But we have tried to make some of those expressions safe--like fraternity hazing and even "war" where we don't care WHO gets it, women and/or kids...just as long as EVERY ONE OF OURS IS ACCOUNTED FOR.

I think you should all think of the experiments with those damned cloth monkeys by Harlow.  THAT is behaviorism in a nutshell.  Monkeys that turn sick on each other after being deprived of a cloth mama they would rather have than REAL SUSTAINING MILK.  Imagine that when you think of "no contracts."

So, Doug's posts to the contrary there is NO OTHER GROUP besides Elan with elements so
a) theatrical and "defined" against the "outside" in a lasting way...
b) rife with Character Assassination disguised in "other words" which is intense, as are the issues and subjects of hate, vitriol, rage, as though it happened yesterday is itself as Felice has pointed out about PTSD it's own "warning sign"  

So as regards the "swearing" here...for Ginger/Antigen who has already glommed onto the "intensity"-- to put the alarming conduct by many, and any who get caught up in the "concept" we all get tangled into as a part of Elan site, even if we NEVER went, if we are empathetic, ask Dan who had to make up a whole schema to keep separate and which I do understand keeping "some distance" from, having done the inverse and tried to feed the dog that Doug says "bit them" so long ago without losing the tips or symbolic tips of fingers...

Anyone reading, and go ahead and ream me, because I am onto all of that. I would not be able to "yo bitch ho asshole" back at ya because you can only take the post and, if you are like Doug, "misquote me" but I am NOT misquoting ANYONE,  it would mean a tragic loss of "objectivity" which can happen but need not happen more than "incidentally" in one of my main professions...

Speaking of which, say your piece, it doesn't matter, online, if you are NOT in an IM and or in a "private room" and soon not there with Carnivore-- your words cannot be "private" on a "public" board.  I would like to give my number out but I have to toss around what that would mean to my room-mate if I end up being hassled, which can always happen since I DO work with my home office (read AT HOME) most of the time!!

I can say the "intensity" and "familiarity" of those that were at Elan EXCEEDS the common even HIGH COMMON levels of "presumed intimacy" in online speech.  Also people's motives are questioned SO EASILY it is hard to keep one's ego INTACT when  UNDER ATTACk.  I want to put that out there as I had to go away to get some other work done, not that I see a lot of people at the old board "TIMETOCLOSETHEDOORSATELAN" I did try to post on...

I think ELAN helped a lot of families perhaps already disintegrating to totally short-circuit.  If you suffered, do you think these "walleyed" parents I have watched get eaten for lunch for NOT having the "mental capacity" that MANY of the Elan residents (not just in 8 but in 7 too) had and exhibited??  

Anyone that thinks I am a hack, so be it, your entitlement, I don't see whereas I need to prove ANYTHING when I am NOT HIRED (ghostwriters make money for doing what they are doing, I have two helpful persons giving me advice as I have not done that before BUT I would be willing to write a book...this subject is intriguing that is sure) but doing what I am DOING out of
a) enlightened selfinterest
b) intrigue and a feeling of overall competence
c) it would be an excellant HBO special or something, I think...
d)it would start as a play, easy

This doesn't change the fact that the incidents does make a very jumpy adult and group of PARENTS who waits for a knock for doing something MINOR (to which THEY WOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE UNDER ELAN STANDARDS...IMPOSSIBLE standards by which to LIVE..) which still resonates as a reason to lose the "job of expediter" or say "Guru" or even "lawnmowingman" (although not many poor kids went anywhere but Elan 7 and I notice that the others appear to be down on that house, sad to say-- class war ALSO initiated by Ricci and collusion with society and later flunkies)  and begin at the lowest circle of Dante's inferno as a "shotdown" or in the horrors we can hardly imagine after MONTHS SPENT "staring at the vertex" until the mind loses itself, quite literally, as it did for Prisoners of War in Korea, Vietnam, maybe maybe Camp having such "little" stimulation to FEED UPON...where even a "PO" or "SP" to "witness" while being an indignity may also have felt at SOME TIME like an "assurance" that one had not DISAPPEARED like Alice down the "hidden rabbit hole" as it appears some did do.. was not really dreaming, was in fact-- IN HELL in this very moment the last circle left to those who "keep to themselves" QUITE the infraction, and if it was necessary to bite, to scratch, to kick to keep from being violated even more viscerally...we are BACK to the chicken
or the egg...

I am sure that real blood might have helped one to come closer to the flesh and blood that we humans are heir to amid the  "collosal" abstractions of sandwhich board style sign after sign worn about the neck and the proliferation of Halloween costumes worn to what passed for "class" since teachers left when the going got too "obvious" as I read at Elan Survivors, and as an expublic school teacher, I would think is NOT professional conduct, it's so out of a "certified teacher's" rules!!

I have seen Elan.  You see, I have watched all the shows where teenagers are killed being kids by the local lunatic with a hook maybe in a mask, with scrawled messages of the Ricci variety "Ask me about JOANNA" but on frosted mirrors in lipstick, or napkins, not emblazoned lunacy walking around daytimes and night-times with giant conical dunce caps worn in art movies like "The Last of England" by Derek Jarman and at other "installations."

What I have never seen THIS FAR INTO THINGS is a game or movie or artshow or performance where the lunatic didn't use a chainsaw but instead, invited the kids in to his insanity and was allowed to hold his position as a psychopath IN RECENT YEARS, not since Sade (father of sadism) and he was a different BRAND of selective...he was HIMSELF an "INMATE" with "special privileges" NOT the OWNER and he had MORE IMAGINATION (and less) than Ricci and co.

Maybe HellRaiser, by Clive Barker, YES, I do think Hellraiser comes CLOSEST.

Also "Rhinoceras" by Eugene Ionesco

During the times of the old "madhouses" like "Bedlam" (Poems by Anne Sexton "To Bedlam and Back" ring right on) and with work in poetry like "The Confessional Poets" being slurped up and LATER, even NOW the stuff of "slamfests" rewarding always, always the "brightest" :ni) most charismatic, and "tightest" in a type of social darwinism which also happened to have began in it's first "location" with ADULTS before being "adapted" to fit KIDS...and BEFORE the "sexual revolution" and "during" making women feel "inferior" until what is FINALLY (from what I can tell) doing ELAN "in" is the exploitation of women, no matter WHAT Doug has said and misquoted me as saying as online it's so hard to make a real statement I was misheard by one two three or more so as I pointed at one I had three fingers pointed back at ME boooooooo!!!  Wrong three fingers, Right one,  it can and DOES happen.

I thought, "we haven't come far" it's "a Virginia Slim story" but when I see women say what they are saying in the 90's I can say things have been turned around "a little" and that without EVERYONE seeing the same "divisions" and without Ricci's charismatic leadership since the Skakel affair and corpse were dug does truly look done for...

As the Titanic was done, it also reprented A LOT to those NOW living.  It came at a good time.  I implore whoever would LIKE earnestly to be involved in "The Elan Theatre Project" until we can get a dang better name to write to me and if there is enough of a groundswell of popular support and we can sign off with some good folk that WANT to "tell the tale" and take the albatross from off their necks I WILL see what I can do.

I am a playwright first.  I WILL write a journalistic piece, make no mistakes, but I would love to take this further and while a book was proposed and I would be willing to write it, it's easier to take a "play" in essence and turn it into a screenplay if we want to keep MOST of what we get down, as a book is far more open to interpretation...I can do either, but it seems a thing to do.  Interested?  I am sure HBO or some cable or Television Network will be once we have a "dramatic piece" finished, and there is even a contest with some money by BBC for radioplays, not to mention for FULL LENGTH PLAYS....

I am not motivated by greed, the story is an intriguing one.  I will work on something about the WHOLE thing (not just Elan) if I don't get enough response or if it comes from other quarters would be HAPPY TO offer services so it's THERE for the network or HBO to just buy up... it's easier like that too!  

Write me and knock on wood and I think we can see this thing through, I will make a space online available just for queries about myself as well, it's nearly done at

I can forward some things to you, if you want to talk, please write

Elizabeth Mourant

c/o Plaasma Box Collective

[email protected]

 (A new name for the "urchin" dealings I am having with "youth" and "lost youth" as I once did with the "disabled" with my blind friend, and continue to do-- also interested in military industrial state, Arthur Miller just did a play, they say it was short of Crucible at NY Times... but then they gave Elan the back of a the Lifestyle section, and something like two pretty generic pages, not full bloom!)

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