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Genesis by the sea

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Yes, truth will prevail. People will know about the abuse that happened in GBS and that continues to happen in many other teen compounds. GBS has already been shut down, thank god. Now it's time for the others.

The truth had prevailed, and will prevail.

This is a mimic of a special person that writes on this site........
"You teenage brats. There are just a FEW of you that seem to have the need to lie. In the end the truth will prevail."
Well Palmer or Russel, yes the truth WILL prevail! HAHAHA!

Can we get a round of applause for the obvious graduate of the critically acclaimed "Ace School of Tomorrow"?  Just reading your post makes my heart swell with pride.  I have great faith in that school system and am proud to be in the same category as such a scholar. :wstupid:


BTW, because of the arrogance and misspellings of this "anon", my educated guess: it's Betty Browne herself.  The queen of terrible punishments and condescending remarks.

It really doesn't take that long to sign in and post.  Unless you are scared . . .

We have heard of some controversy surrounding Pacific Life Academy - sometimes mentioned as Pacific Life School. Further investigation shows that they are using the exactly same campus as Genesis by the Sea which closed in 2004.

It is sad to hear that children still are sent abroad where they lose the protection from the child protection services.


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