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Try this, see how it works, and report-back to us:

At the same time, take:

6 Vicodin tabs

6 Xanax

6 Valium, 50mg

6 Oxycontin

6 Pheno-Barbital (or similar)

6 shots good whisky


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You didn't specify what dosage for the Vikes, Xanax, Oxy, or barbs, so I took the strongest I could find.  I'm still awake.  Maybe I should use Everclear instead of whisky.

Well you are correct about it all Mike. I don't feel I really have a problem either when it comes to insomnia. The problem is having to be at work in the morning  :smile: I did work a midnight job years ago and was fine and loved it. Too bad the pay sucked though. When I do find that wonderful midnight job I will be there. I have been a night person since I was young and it's too bad I have to ingest some drug to make me sleep. It sucks. Actually I am on vacation this week and I have been going to bed between 5 and 10 AM. It's going to be hell getting up for work next week.

I think I would die if I took all those pills. :grin:
Some iditots on this board may think it was a good thing though.

Always nice to see another person from the Mitten here![ This Message was edited by: krystene on 2004-08-27 14:56 ]


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