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Anyone around here have insomnia? I can not fall asleep. I'm curious to know what sorts of things you do to entertain yourself all night. Yes, sex, drugs, and rock & roll are ::mecry::  a good start if you don't have to be up at 7 am or the person you are with is not passed out by 10. I've read zillions of things and go to bed then get up and start checking email. This is nuts.

The Singing Bandit:
go to a sleep disorder specialist if it has lasted longer than a month.

--OTC sleep meds are OK for a v. short term prob but can do damage if taken long term

--presecribed meds like ambien are fantastic b/c they have no residual f/x in morning and tehy work fast, but you absolutely can't drive.
This too is best for short term.  I had a sleep disorder for years and years and my whole body was breaking down, so we used ambien for 2 months, gradually reducing dosage to none just to get my schedule back on track.  

--warm bath, chamomile tea, no lights, white noise machine.

--Read rather than watch TV or get on the computer. Apparently, the lights and movement of tv and computers re-activate the brain... Sleep specialists say you should not sit in front of either 2 hours before you want to go to bed.

Good luck! Insomnia sucks!!

Thanks! I've been to a few docs and part of it is my own fault because I have not been willing to make lifestyle changes. I was given trazadone to put me to sleep. I read the package insert and freaked out and changed my mind.

Trazadone.  Some doc gave it to me and I never took it.  What freaked you out? (I didn't read/save it)


--- Quote ---On 2004-08-14 22:17:00, Anonymous wrote:

"Trazadone.  Some doc gave it to me and I never took it.  What freaked you out? (I didn't read/save it)"

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It's a pretty heavy pyschtropic drug. I threw away the insert so I don't remember everything it said. I was drugged once and have been very afraid to take any type of pills until recently.


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