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Teen Advocates USA:
Need help tracking criminal and civil lawsuits filed nationwide against private entities and/or individuals operating for-profit schools, camps and programs for troubled teens.  

http://www.teenadvocatesusa.homestead.c ... tpage.html
 *Please see ON THE DOCKET, a short list of recently filed lawsuits.

Ok, anyone who's holding that kind of paper, kindly contact Barbe and make arrangements to get copies to her.

If anyone has the time and spare change to do it, try doing a records search at a courthouse or two in the jurisdiction of your favorite little gulag. If you know of actual cases, try getting copies of public docs associated with those (save the cost of searching a range and the more info you have to search on--names of defendants and plaintiffs, location of residence, approximate time, etc--the more likely to turn something up)

Here's Wes' list of cases and regulatory actions against Straight, Inc. ... iminal.htm

And here's the current filing against SAFE


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