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Ms. Bundy's Education


Since Ms. Bundy does not appear to be a degree holding grad.of
Utah State as she claims, I wonder if anyone knows where she actually did attend college and earn a degree anywhere?

if it helps any ill tell what i remmeeber

in a seminar she said

"(after giving a speech about the history of thayer and how it was a college and how it transformed)i lived near where thayer learning center is now as a girl, I played on the basketball team here where it is now.I bought it in the late 80s, and actually slept where the female residents room is(in the front entrance on the right when u come up the stairs).I had a vision for it, to bring it back similarily to what it was before, we started fixing it up," thats all i remmeber

obviously i think thuis is a lie, because i read a cached page from google where it says they bought the bulding in July 2002, and also on the thayer site which is cached there are testimonies fro ma  couple students where it says ive been here for 3 months,, it is august now when that is not possible, because tey had only bought the building in July.I guess they figured out there was a contradicition so they took them down, and started writing it better with more in mind, till just last month they started typing up the students graduation speeches(good idea).

I heard from a former sargent(for some reason all 3 sargents i got in touch with have gone away mysteriously, not leaving me another e-mail or nothin) that they fed the kids the raw wheat they found there when they bought the building(we did eat raw wehat)

ok about that typing up the stories, I remember the Junior Staff about to graudauate typed their sppeeches up on a PC, so most likely they Copied and pasted it and edited out their names :smile: :smile:

Speak out now!!! Anyone having any information about Thayer Learning Center PLEASE CALL, 1 (800)632-4747 or 1 (660)632-4747. We all need to ban together to stop this crazy people from ruining our community and our childrens lives. Please CALL!!!    :sad:


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