Author Topic: Differences Between Straight and The Seed  (Read 6400 times)

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Re: Differences Between Straight and The Seed
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Having entered Str8 right after their first anniversary,I see many similarities,as duplicating the Seed was Str8's first objective.We had a cult leader,Helen "The Old Bitch" Petermann.She later left to form LIFE when she realized that she would never have the control of Str8 that she desired(That,by the way,was a good thing).As a newcomer,strangely enough,I would ask if this was like the Seed and they would tell me that the Seed was based on fear and that Str8 was founded on love.Upon my leaving Str8,LIFE was formed within a year.The Seedlings on staff on Day 1 for me were David Crock,Robin German,Cynthia Pickart(later Crock),and Tom Vida.Marci Moore was Sr. Staff and a Seed sibling.The differences between the Str8 I entered and the Seed from reading this thread,my answer would be very little.The Str8 I left eighteen months later(by the way,my family only paid once like the Seed),was evolving into a far more sinister monster.More "thorough" meant more time.When they charged by the month rather than the program,suddenly,it also meant revenue.By the way ,Ginger,in my time a Jr or Sr. Staff startover was unheard of.They would just be terminated.See how things change when they charge by the month.
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