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We're ALL in the program now!
« on: July 02, 2004, 07:41:00 PM »

> JULY 1, 2004
> - New Report Warns Policing is Poised to Move Inside the Body and Brain -
> A 50-page policy report released by the non-profit Center for Cognitive
> Liberty & Ethics warns that the war on drugs may be about to enter a new


> For example, the 2003 National Drug Control Strategy casts users of
> drugs as "vectors of contagion" who are "in denial" about their "disease"
> and who need treatment before "transmitting the disease to others." Such
> language, says the CCLE report, lends itself to coercive treatment wherein
> the government feels justified in "medicating" drug users through policies
> of 'compassionate coercion.' "Coercion, whether 'compassionate' or
> otherwise, is still coercion," cautions the CCLE report.

Who could possibly have written this?

Quote ... /appb.html

National Drug Control Strategy
Update 2003
February 2003
Appendix B:     Acknowledgments


D.A.R.E. America
Direct Impact
Drug and Alcohol Service Providers, Organization of Pennsylvania
Drug Free America Foundation
Drug Free Pennsylvania
Drug Watch International
DuPont Associates, PA


among many others, that's who. If you ever expect to get old and experience chronic pain, you'd better bett your sweet ass these peple will fix it so you can't get any relief, even if you can get around them somehow and acquire the medication. Even if you grow it hourself out of the Good Earth. You know damned well they will and whithout so much as a twinge of concience.

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We're ALL in the program now!
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2004, 08:04:00 AM »
I hate these people.  This is just another reason the current administration must be replaced.
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We're ALL in the program now!
« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2004, 08:09:00 PM » ... 24102.html

 Controversy Over Pharmacists Continues

Jul 8, 2004 11:35 am US/Central
Wisconsin authorities may discipline a pharmacist for refusing to fill a woman's birth control pills. The case mirrors what happened here in north Texas, when pharmacists at two drug stores turned away customers, citing moral reasons.

Now an Irving doctor says he's run into yet another case. Doctor William Goldman says a Kroger pharmacist south of Fort Worth refused to fill the drug Ritalin for hyperactivity for a child who was his patient.

The doctor says he assured the pharmacist the prescription was necessary but she didn't believe him:

Last winter, protestors chanted outside an Eckerd's in Denton after a druggist refused to fill the morning after pill. What 32-year-old gene Herr didn't know at the time was the victim had been raped, but it hasn't changed his mind:

And in North Richland Hills, a CVS pharmacist refused to fill a married schoolteacher's prescription for birth control pills.

Pharmacists across the nation are refusing to fill prescriptions that ASSAULT THEIR CONSCIENCE.
Contraception at Kmart's in Wisconsin and Ohio... The 'morning after pill' at Eckerd's in New York...and CONDOMS at a Miami Florida Eckerd's.

Dozens of north Texas women marched in Washington this spring outraged in part by the growing pharmacists' movement.

Even the state pharmacy board says Texas law is unclear about the issue. But pharmacists believe they should have the same right to deny medication as doctors.

Two states do have laws protecting pharmacists' jobs if they refuse prescriptions on MORAL or RELIGOUS grounds.
Ten other states are considering similar legislation.
That brings us back to doctor Goldman's run-in with the Kroger pharmacist.

He filed a complaint with the Texas pharmacy board. But hasn't gotten a reply. He's worried pharmacists will exercise their rights over the patient's rights:

The Kroger pharmacist didn't want to go on camera but she told me she didn't object to the prescription on moral grounds...she claimed it was an insurance issue.
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