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Greg : The Seed was located in an old wharehouse in Davie, off State Road 84,  for a few years. They spent the last 15 years or so in a building on Andrews avenue in between State road 84 and Davie blvd. Also there was another Susie, I remember Connors but there was another Susie from New York who was a great singer. She could be a real bitch but I went to through the 10-10 with her and she never really bothered me.

Hi Everyone:

This girl was kind of short with dark curly hair and she would walk up and down the side aisles a mile a minute and was always scowling at the people in the group. In fact the counselors liked to scowl a lot at everyone. I also remember a male counselor who used to sit up on the back of his chair and do face exercises (at the time I had no idea what he ws doing, I just thought he was weird) and I remember the heat in the damn warehouse. All our bodies in their sitting for 12 hours. As I look back on it I can't believe I survived for 3 years there with my mother getting them to put me back on 10 to 10. And that stupid song we had to sing. I wish I could wash my brain out sometimes. Well the good thing is I survived like we all did and it's a beautiful day and I get to be a grown up with no one telling me what to do except my boss and she does it in a nice way : - ) Have a good one everybody.

Hey Char,
  I bet you were in with some of my family. I remember 1313 Andrews Ave before the 84 bldg. That's where they moved back to till last year. Art claims to have retired and shut the place down, but it's just hard for me to believe that a cult like that would just disperse. What would all the helpless cult members do? Probably join some thing like the Green Room or some damned thing? I dunno.

I finally got my family the hell out of So. Florida just this year. And I have no intention of ever going back either.

Hey Antigen:

Yea, that was the building I was in. I can still remember Art Barker walking to the front of the group like Moses himself coming down from the mountain wearing those ridiculous windbreakers. I can remember thinking "Is he going sailing after he leaves here?" Slowly, now that I am writing a journal, I remember things about the place which I know will help the healing. Now that I have decided to face the past I realize that the seed was the first step in really making me a non functioning teen/young adult and the church took over where they left off. No offense to anyone, my mother-in-law is a devoted Catholic and one of the most incredible people I know. But the born again crap really messed me up also, just another form of mind control. Thank God for therapy. As far as Florida goes my last time there was when my mother died. I have nothing but bad memories of that state. Congratulations on your escape. I wouldn't remember any of your family, I was too freaked out to remember any of the other victims. Hopefully the place did close down. I am sickened by these people that create and support these places. My revenge fantasy is to tie them all up in the front row of an Eminem concert. :smile: Peace out.


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