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Hello Everyone:
My mother put me in the seed in Ft. Lauderdale in 71/72. I was 14/15. I had never done drugs. My mother was an alcoholic and I had depression problems and she didn't want to deal. She successfully convinced them when I got over my probation and became an old timer that I slipped because when I went back home to live I was still not the perfect daughter she wanted. That way she kept me in that hellhole for 3 years. In my high school I met some people from Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church and their counterpoint to the Seed, the Greenhouse or something absurd like that. I thought I would find some loving people there but it was just another Seed in it's own way. I was a confused and lonely young girl when I was thrown into the seed and came out a sad, angry, and confused teenager who for the past 25 years or so has been trying to redo the damage of the screaming maniacs in that place. It is good to know that there are others like me that were f***** over by that place and we are all trying to recover. I left Florida a long time ago but the memories still hurt. Cheers to all of us, survivors.

And cheers to you for finding the site. I am so happy that we are getting so many people from the Seed. Please post your whole story and what you remember about the seed. We all look forward to your participation.

Hi Greg:

Excuse the meanderings but all I remember is flashes here and there. I was in the first building (as far as I know) when the Seed first started. A little building with dirt floors before the place moved out to Davie. I was there too. I remember biting into a licorice stick at meal time and there was a roach in it. I remember a butt ugly counselor named Phyllis who was a smart ass know it all and mean as hell. I remember them telling me I should throw away my record albums (I have no idea why). At the place out in Davie I remember a counselor named (I think) Susie. She wore big elephant leg pants. I remember getting yelled at and told what a piece of crap I was on a continous basis. I finally gave in and decided to play the game since my mom was just going to keep lying to them and telling them I slipped every time I showed her any type of thinking on my own. So I became a "respectful oldtimer" and remember getting in a car with others and chasing a poor girl who had gotten over that giant fence and I sat on her in the car and we dragged her back. GOD FORGIVE ME!!!!! The last thing I remember was when my my mother freaked because I got involved with born again Christians (another nightmare but I escaped that one too.) Anyway one of the big shots that my mother took me to see at the Seed was the daughter of James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Presbyterian. She hated her father as far as my young mind could see but she couldn't find a way to diss the church so my mother lost out and I escaped the Seed. I went through years of therapy, got the hell out of Florida and went into the health field working with Minorities. I got as far away from my childhood as I could. I will never go back to Florida. My mother is dead. Before she died she was broken over the fact that she sent me there. She found out what a horrible place it was. We talked but we always had a strained relationship. I am now in the process of writing a journal for myself to take a look at the pain in my life. That is what led me to this website. I do not want to be 70 and still not be able to reconcile this all in my heart. Take care

That would be Suzy Conner. She became sr staff at the St Pete seed where I was held captive with my sister.
The building you refer to is I believe the building over by Los Olas Blvd. The Seed moved back in there and just recently closed. They had publicly stopped treating people under 18, and I think I know why.
Welcome again to this forum. Your opinions, thougts and ideas are all welcome here. I and others have a lot of information on the Seed and would be happy to share it with you, and look forward to learning a thing or to from you. In fact, I already have.

I think I remember Suzy Connor....thanks for sharing your tale, Char. I too have a holey memory....


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