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I am looking to contact staff and/or students that were at the Running Springs CEDU in 2001 to 2002.

There is an investigation into alleged sexual abuse during that time frame.

If you're aware of violations of the law that have occurred at that site, I would welcome hearing from you.

I have been reading this site for sometime and have been waiting for the proper time to sign on.  I have been referred to in past posts regarding past CEDU practices.  As I know everyone is concerned about the validity of posts and the author, I can be contacted by e-mail, or check telephone information for the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, Twin Peaks Station's telephone number.

I'm not making any promises, but if you have or had a violation of a California Law at the hands of CEDU, I want to hear about it.  Maybe WE can make a difference.

The current investigation covers 2001/2002 because that is the dates I have been given.  If you are aware of something outside of those dates, I'm not locked in.  As information comes to light, I can work with it.

I went to CEDU in the late eighties so I'm of little help.  I hope you are legit because if you are not, you are an accomplice in a sense.  If you are legit, then close 'em for whatever you can find. But kids talked about being molested by siblings et al and noone did anything. Shouldn't CEDU report that? Shouldn't there be reports on their lack of real accreditation? My parents really believed they were competent, trained therapists. What about their rap sessions--nothing short of total VERBAL abuse.  At the very least, CEDU should be branded with a warning label: Beware. This is a cult.  

I hope ex-staff is cooperating w/you because it seems some know of some financial and sexual abuses.


It's legit.  If there's a concern about that, that's why I suggested checking telephone information for the office number.  (If I gave a number, how could you really know it wasn't a drop?)  

During your "stay", I won't ask what your experiences were, I can guess, were you a witness or victim of any violation of the law (Assaulted, restrained etc?)    Or.. were any of your friends?

I can't stress enough that I'm not doing a witch hunt, but if there was a violation that I can document, I can work with it.

hi my sister killed herself after cedu. She was there in the mid 90s. She wrote a couple of diary entries that are very imcriminating. And she told me alot of stuff as well. can this help?

I would be very interested in the diaries and what she told you.  Currently the case is at the District Attorney's Office for review, but I have not forgotten those who have "been there."


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