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Anonymous Staff
« on: May 28, 2004, 12:51:00 AM »
I know that this forums main bag is anonymity, that is what I like about it, but these anonymous staff are pissing me off. You talk big and have all sorts of CEDU closure stories, but so far there is nada for evidence. I do know that if you post your name, you will be fired, that much I do know, but should that matter?? should it matter if you get fired from an abusive program?? I don't think it should, maybe you could take your fake college diploma and get a job somewhere else. Actually should is the operative word here. You should quit. Immediately. It just seems like there are a lot of mixed messages being sent. For instance former RMA staff person gets a little CEDU in his/her/it's writings on here. Telling me that you buy into the program just a little bit too much. But I don't know. If you had real balls and were important enough in the system, you could make a difference. But if you post on here about how you hate it and then go to the school and treat kids like shit because that is the status quo, that is some bullshit. I don't know, but hey, I don't have to look into your mirror in the morning, or have you deluded yourself to the point that you feel like superman when you pull up in front of the lodge to begin work??
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