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I just made Joe's Apartment an open forum. It seems that we had a mole anyway (what's the first and most important rule???? you know who you are and I probably do too.)

Besides, there's nothing to hide. My main reason for hosting these websites and forums in the first place is that I really believe that the Program falls apart completely without all the secrecy.

Post all ya' want, we'll make more :wink:

good idea, ginger. Open it up for them all to see. We certainly don't want to be secretive and deceptive like the cults we are exposing.  To paraphrase the video "how to be a cult leader" they show the good stuff on the outside (get kids off drugs) and hide all the weird kooky stuff on the inside (motivating, sleep deprivation,reward and punishment of affection,restraints). So to the safe mole, you have nothing to fear by coming out or to gain by continuing to gather information. The information on these sites is very open anyway. Observe away and our hopes that you obsorb a dose of truth in the process. You are even welcome, encouraged actually, to post your views that are in opposition to what some of us think.

I want to make this very clear. The only reason, that I know of, for having made this a secret forum was so that we could all get organized without Brian deciding to change the date for parent weekend. See, it was very important to some of us that the parents get a chance to hear some of what we know that they don't, some of what they know but are encouraged to not think about. It was also important to some of us for them to see us, face to face, and see that those who didn't graduate are really, really not deadinsaneorinjail and that many of those who did are not exactly grateful for the experience.

Personally, I didn't think they were going to change the schedule. Too many logistical problems with that. And, even if they did, wouldn't that be a major victory? If they're having to change their schedule just to keep the parents and kids from hearing what we've got to say? What are these cockroaches trying to hide, anyway?

But, in hind sight, it had a valuable effect anyway. It seems they were so piqued by whatever it was we might be trying to discuss privately that they just had to take a peek. Hmmm, funny. Isn't the whole premis of the program about setting and then religiously following strict rules?


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