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Ginger, Alice and Me.


When I was "nominated" to be a moderator on the Straight Inc Alumni group on Yahoo because of a spot opening up, Ginger invited me to run a forum here and then said in an email to me:

--- Quote ---"It just struck me funny when somebody said you'd make a great moderator cause I know how bent out of shape you get when someone pisses you off. But I'm willing to go w/ it if you are. You can name it anything you want. What'll it be?"
--- End quote ---

Welcome To My Nightmare was the best title I could come up with off-the-cuff and without too much pondering. I occurred to me to use it because there had been some Alice Cooper file sharing going on of late on one of the boards, and it was sort of in keeping with the 'anger management' thing.  ::bigsmilebounce::


Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto.
--Thomas Jefferson
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Well Hey Fro!!
I think its a fine title, and I have used the comment many times threw out the years myself.

Now you need a couple sub groups - how 'bout, dead babies; only women bleed; Killer? How 'bout, I'm 18, 18, 18, 18 and I Like IT!

I'm teasing :smile:

But I do like wellcome to my nightmare.

Good Luck

Tony Stark:
Hey Kids an even scarier nigtmare awiats you at this years Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. The main attraction is a mental Hosptal. Probably a long-term one at that. It ought to be fun. :smokin:
Necessity never made a good bargain
--Benjamin Franklin Apr. 1734
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