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Lets Rock


Hello it is a

Protest at SAFE INC JULY 12

4:15-5:00 A social meeting ground at
      3700 S. Orange Blossom Trail
      Orlando, Fl
      Tee-Shirts available for $15
      Printed flyers will be given out

5:00-5:15-Caravan down to SAFE. It is about
          a 2 minute drive from Dennys
          SAFE Inc
          4563 S. Orange Blossom Trail
          Orlando, Fl 32839

We want a successful but peaceful protest. Now is the time for the Surviovrs to yell and get the anger out. But please try to refrain from profanities, the kids in SAFE will be able to hear you. Be an example, let the kids know that you are there for them and share your stories. Let them know they have support if they want to book.

Do not attack the parents, they are clueless to what is happening behind the closed doors. Our purpose is to educate them and make ourselves approacable if they chose to talk to any of us. This is one of our goals.

Get your signs ready and perhaps an extra for the supporter who walks on. If you can not make the social at Dennys please just head down to SAFE.

If I was computer savvy I would have attached maps but COULDN'T.

LETS CLOSE THE DOORS TO HELL and save the kids.


Anonymity Anonymous
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