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Howard and Betty Witcomb "Great Seed Family"

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In 1973  I moved in with a family that had 2 sons on the program Howard and Daryl  Witcomb and another seedling staying with them at the time, Bob Masino. Before  them I was sleeping in beds with several people and on cots  in crammed rooms. Howard and Betty opened their door with open arms and big hearts to some of us  desparate souls. In
Nov 2002 they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in Las Vegas. I  had the pleasure to join many of my old seedlings on this great occasion with some of their families. It was another special time in my life. Howard and Betty WItcomb have become great friends for over 30 years . It was great to see my best seed friend Bob Masino, we shared a lot of experiences in those days, and of course Howard jr. and Daryl who was the baby of the group. and then there was the funny wild Riichard Deen. They all looked great and seemed to be happy.  
Thank you,
Howard and Betty,
lot's of Love,
Richard Frost
SR84 1973

Wow, I would like to tell my oldcomer family to go fuck themselves.

I don't even remember their names, only the lock down, no food, total disregard for my health, safety and well being, and smirky comments about their dog attacking and killing me if I tried to escape.

Fuck, I hardly knew them, what with getting up at 6 am, quick shower then pickup by the Seed gang, and then returning damn near midnight only to be immediately locked up with a padlock in a small room. No drink, no food, nothing but roaches. I then did my moral inventory, spoke to my oldcomer who I thought was going to try to queer off with me (thankfully he didn't), then to sleep around 2 oclock only to repeat in the morning.

Whoever you are/were, fuck you you thoughtless spineless fucks.

i lived the same way you did in several of the homes, by the time I got to the Witcombs
It was like Ozzie and Harriet. .I went from no privacy on the toilet and eating dog food in the other homes, to some
of the best cooking I ever had. That Betty sure could cook, I even saw my first microwave . i had my own bed with clean sheets, Dam, i never had that at home. Mr  Witcomb bought me an electric guitar for christmas, can you believe that ,and being the ungrateful seedling that i was I  told him i wanted an acoustic and that great man went out and got me one. i stayed at their home for over a year with my seedling friend Bob Masino and even after their own son moved.
they did spoil us, but they are loved by us forever.


I need to correct the spelling of the Witcombs.
It is Howard and Betty Whitcomb. forgot  the "h"


Anyone remember the family's they stayed with.


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