Author Topic: T-Shirts and muck raking :-)  (Read 3023 times)

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T-Shirts and muck raking :-)
« on: June 30, 2002, 10:13:00 PM »
Sounds great!!!  Come on everybody.  Send me your ideas, artwork etc.  I would really like to get at least some shirts ready for the SAFE picket.  The cockroach idea is a great line to follow, but ANY AND ALL IDEAS ARE WANTED!!!  i.e.


Artwork needs to be in typical jpeg, tiff etc. forms. Nothing that needs to be read with Adobe Acrobat.

The turnaround time for the shirts is really not long at all, providing I have the shirts themselves.  Drawing up the heat transfers doesn't take much time at all, or if someone can bring a laptop, I can bring the heat press and do them on-site.

Get the creative juices flowing!!!!  Send me everything!!
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