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Handout for July 18 protests

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--- Quote ---On 2002-07-09 19:51:00, Joe Uehlein wrote:
We pulled our son Julius after six months - he was still on phase one.  he knows the 12 steps cold, the tools for personal change, and a whole lot more - he should have progressed to phase two, I think.  it makes you wonder wheter the real croteria for making phase two, where family contact is allowed, is that you are brainwashed?!

--- End quote ---

Yeay!!!! Joe, that's so good to hear!

Yes, the criteria is that both parents and kid are sufficiently brainwashed to enforce the Program on eachother outside of direct surveilance (except, of course, the requisite fosters and newcomers)

You have to believe in your heart that any criticism of the program is just manipulation and the kid has to know in his heart that you believe it.

You son's a lucky kid. Many of us dreamed about having parents like you.


--- Quote ---On 2002-07-09 23:06:00, aka carrie wrote:
Okay guys, I finally figured out how to get here and I am going on Fri and possibly Sat, How do I make a protest sign and what should it say? Any Suggestions......Carrie

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I made a slew of em for the last protest. unSAFE, Stop child abuse, Child Abuse is not the Answer,fuck you you assholes(just kidding) NOT MY KID, MOM, DAD IM COMING HOME RIGHT NOW! GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!!

Use your imagination, and Carrie, I WILL BE THERE! Go ahead and get excited.


Is anyone from the FL area going to D.C.?  I'd love to catch a ride with someone if that's possible.



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