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Handout for July 18 protests

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13 days left before the national protest. We need to pick some material to print out for handouts.

I think Wes' press release pretty well says it all.

Oakton Institute Press Release

Wadaya all think?

Ginger Warbis ~ Antigen
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I agree! But I'd also like to add something to one point he makes:

?We are not protesting the court decision per se,? said Wesley Fager, a principal organizer of the DC protests.   ?Our complaint is that the judges? decision was greatly influenced by Straight (DFAF) and people associated with it through an Amicus Curie brief they filed with the court.?
I'd like to add..."This is pure conflict of interest.  The very companies that profit from drug testing should NOT be allowed to have ANY influence over drug policy, especially policy concerning drug TESTING!!"

Ok, go look now and tell me what you think.

(this is the press release, it'll be the basis for the main handout flyer. We're working on suplimentary material to give to folks who show an interest and ask for more info)

Joe Uehlein:
I think the press release is "light" in at least one area - when you say that kids can't even call their mother or father after intake.  Well, that's true, but that is also common in other rehab programs - no family contact for one month might be acceptable.  At SAFE, there is no family contact until the child progresses to phase two, which technically they tell you can happen in something like 45 days, but in reality very few if any kid has ever made it in that time.  I know families with kids that were on phase one for six months, 12 months, 18 months!  that is criminal, and therapeutically undsound - to not allow a child to have family contact for that long.  We pulle dour son Julius after six months - he was still on phase one.  he knows the 12 steps cold, the tools for personal change, and a whole lot more - he should have progressed to phase two, I think.  it makes you wonder wheter the real croteria for making phase two, where family contact is allowed, is that you are brainwashed?!

aka carrie:
Okay guys, I finally figured out how to get here and I am going on Fri and possibly Sat, How do I make a protest sign and what should it say? Any Suggestions......Carrie


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