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July 12 is a DEFINITE GO

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I am sorry there was confusion about the dates. After much discussion yes we are going to picket July 12 &13 and again on July 18. I plan to be there for all of the mentioned dates.

July 12 is especially important as that is Parent weekend SAFE will have more activity.Parents are due back agin on Saturday morning and time varies I am trying to find that out now. When I was there it was at 9:00a.m. Give everyone time to wake up & shake out the the cobwebs.  Rich has stated his friends will support us also on the 12. So please send on your comments to Kim about slogans and ideas. Time is not on her side. Thanks Kim.

Just a reminder that the July 12 picket is a SHHHHHHH. The July 18 picket will be announced by Wes publicly (am I correct here Wes).

Thus SAFE will know we will be there the 18 and more than likely cancel all activities, not certain but I would highly suspect so or at the very least get the commenced and current parents out there for pro-SAFE.

They will be expecting us on the 18. The July 12 protest will catch them with their pants down. Always the threat of a leak but we will try our darndest to keep the lid tight.

I am confirmed.

Rusty Goat:
Wasnt that one on the 18th in DC? Totally cool, 4 different places that day 2 protests in VA, then 2 in DC. FL survivors, SAFE parent, Wes, damn... Where's them days at now?  :cheers:

2002?? wow
i didn't even have a computer back then


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