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I have a question here should we wait for the SAFE picket on July 18th?  We were going to schedule July 12 at SAFE because it is Parent weekend and more parents will be in town as that is a mandatory weekend for them to be there. I would like you thought son this before we make July 12 a definite date.

Until the date is concrete, I want to just update on what I have learned thus far. Sammie is incredible. She is looking into a potential bus so we can all ride together up to SAFE and for group rates on hotels for those who want to stay over and picket perhaps the next day. But I am still leaning toward also July 12 so we can get to the parents.

Kim M has offered to have T-shirts printed up. Costs is not set yet are looking anywhere between $10-$15. The proceds Kim can explain more to you. Kim can you please post what you wrote me it was great info. about the Shirts. What a great plan, Kim thanks so much.

And with that comes what do we have printed? One slogan so that it is recognized nationally, and what would that slogan be. Or do we want specific slogans for specific protests. I think a national slogan worn at any protest would be the more postive way to get our cause & name out there.

And for any of the picketers please let that coordinator of that area know if you plan to be there so we can get a head count. I am one of the coordinators targeted at SAFE in Orlando. Also Wes, maybe we should send out a list of the coordinators for each site.

I for one want to picket both July 12 & 18.

Where is the spell check? I failed typing class. bb

I'm pretty sure you'll have people there on both the 12th and the 18th. But only the 18th will be advertised.

And I think it would also be OK to use the SAFETY Net name if you want to: Survivors And Friends for the Ethical Treatment of Youth. (maybe with a little cockroach transfered onto some random spot on the shirt?)

Hey's what I sent re: cost/profit of the shirts.

Just a prelim. estimate, but our cost of the shirts will probably be approx. $5.00.  We could sell them for anywhere from $10.00 - $15.00 per shirt.  Wes said the money would go to the Trebach Institute.  We could do sweatshirts (cost $10, retail for $25 - $30), tank tops (cost $5, retail for $10 - $15) etc.

Let me know what you want on the shirts...I think the cockroach idea is perfect at least for the SAFE pickets...I can do different designs or all the same, makes no difference to me

I would also like for there to be pickets on BOTH days, well maybe even 3.  The 12th,13th and 18th.  I realize that not everyone will be able to attend all three or even two, but I bet we have a few at each one.


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