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Rude Dog's parenting advice
« on: March 31, 2004, 02:59:00 PM »
The Dog Pound

If I can?t eat it or fuck it; it has to DIE!

By The Rude Dog

  I am going to offend SOMEBODY with this piece.

If you are offended easily; DO NOT READ ON.

 The Good Old Days

 No, I am not going to tell you about how I used to walk to school barefoot and fight grizzly bears with my loose leaf notebook. I will say that shit is just plain different nowadays.

We used to go out as soon as the sun came up. There were trees to climb, places to explore, and generally elbows, knees and chins to scrape, bash and make sore. We didn't die. We didn't fucking sue anybody either. I once thought it was a good idea to ride a bicycle that had no brakes down the steepest hill in the neighborhood. I limped home and Mom put red fucking iodine on the son of a bitch! I'll tell you that neither one of us thought to sue the bike manufacturer to recoup the one million dollars worth of skin I left on the pavement when I wiped out. I guess we were afraid that the Department of Transportation would find out that I had left blood on their highway and sue us for two million dollars.

When we got in trouble it wasn't the school or authorities that we worried about. They were meek and mild in comparison to our parents. My Dad was the last person on the planet that I wanted to know that I was cutting up in class. The school principal called home once (The only time he called, not the only time it happened.) to inform my Father that I was about to meet the wooden paddle. My Dad asked him what the Hell he was calling him for. "If he deserves it; give him his swats and quit bothering me about it." I guess Dad figured that it would give him a little time off from having to beat my ass himself if somebody was going to do it too. Trust me, I deserved it more often than not and when I did get wailed on in one of those rare mistaken identity or I just plain didn't do it cases, it made up for all the shit I did get away with.

Now, if the teachers and administrators even thought of doing anything to a child in their charge, other than stopping small caliber handgun ammunition with their face, they are subject to criminal, civil and any other types of retribution thought of by man. This is wrong in that there is no sense of consequences in our school systems and therefore proliferates the idea that they can get away with anything they want to as a whole and anyone that dares to correct them is subject to any manner of carnage available. If your kid got caught smoking and ended up either getting three swats and a three day suspension or had to clean the toilets in the bathroom where they got caught for a week, I'm sure the little shit would be second guessing where and when they fired up their next Marlboro. Instead they get the parents screaming and threatening lawsuits about how the teachers are violating some kind of skewed version of their civil rights by even thinking about punishment to Dear Little Johnny. Next year Little Johnny ends up going to trial because he couldn't read the sign in the Girl's locker room that told him it was a "NO RAPE ZONE".

Kids today are fucking sissies compared to when we were young. My friend fell twelve feet out of an apple tree and bounced two feet into the air when he hit the ground. We didn't even call the Trauma Hawk to life flight his ass out to the nearest hospital. We all gathered around and oohed and ahhed about how far up the fucking thing he was before he missed the jump to the next tree. The fucking Superman got back up after a few minutes and brushed the dirt off of his back and we went on playing.

The youth out there today would rather fire an UZI into a crowd of innocent bystanders to kill one person rather than take the chance the fucker would give him a fat lip in a fistfight. Fucking pansy assed bitches lately are too afraid to get their behind walloped for being a fuck up than they are to go to school without an AK-47 tucked into the waistband of the mother fucking Fubu pants that he is wearing around his kneecaps. Maybe that's why they need guns. You couldn't duke it out with a fucking retard dressed that way. You sure as Hell couldn't run from the beating you are about to take either.

I blame the parents. If more people kicked the living dog shit out of their kid for stealing a 32 inch TV VCR combo instead saying that they are a victim of society, we'd have less fucking miscreants out there today. The fucking kid is a thief and the rightful owner of the property is the victim you twisted, psycho, bullshit I heard Oprah saying babbling, asshole. If your kid killed his teacher with a 38 caliber Saturday night special, he wasn't just in the wrong place at the wrong time kind of victim of circumstances. He is a murdering piece of shit that needs to meet Old Sparky. Give me a break about how it is the World that is at fault and not the individual who committed the crime. The knowledge of Right and Wrong is a simple enough concept. The ability to discern the difference and choose our actions is overruled by the fact that when it was time to teach these values to young people there was someone asleep at the switch.

I am not saying to pound your child into a punch drunk person that is afraid to move or make a sound in front of you, but I am saying that discipline in any way, shape, or form is a lost art. There are alternatives to the entire pugilistic forms of discipline.  Whoever came up with all this shit about smacking your kid on the ass being "Child Abuse" needs to have their ass smacked and then their head slammed in a car door to realize that there are differences between the two . One is an extreme act of violence and the other is a wake up call that you fucked up.

No, the Good Old Days weren't really that good overall, but it was a simpler time with the main thing that is lacking today in our Microwave Satisfaction Society. Morals and Responsibilities cannot be instilled into young people while they are being babysat by the fucking Playstation and Sponge Bob Squarepants. Take an active participation in your child's lives from this moment forward and hopefully you won't be bailing them out of jail or identifying the body in a couple of years.

 The Dog Pound by Rude Dog

If triangles had a God, He'd have three sides.
--Old Yiddish proverb

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