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Unregistered User    Posted: 2004-03-30 17:07:00    From reading these message boards it looks like there may be some of you recently departed BCA therapists out there. Those of you who left enmass last spring/summer - Mark, Jenny, Jack - are you guys out there?

My child was there at that time. What a mess it was. I could always tell you were all so genuine and all for the kids. Its a shame what they did with the change in working conditions for all of you. The kids did not deserve to have there trusted therapists leave because of such difficult working conditons. It was such a shame. The newer therapists seem to be working out fairly well, from what I see and hear.

My child is doing well since coming home. I do have to say that there are definite changes we see for the better. My child even says how much the program/people at BCA helped. Yes, there were programized steppford types there but there were also some very caring, helpful staff members and therapists. All in all our experience was positive. My child credits the school/staff in helping with many of the problems pre-BCA. My chld has also told me they never wittnessed any abusive behavior from staff members.

Ours was a good experience in the end and I believe it saved by child's life by going there. My child has learned many lessons of how to handle probelms in life in a proactive, positive way. What they do now with what was learned remains to be seen in the future. I do believe my child would be in jail or dead if we did not take the drastic step we did in sending them off to BCA.

If you therpists I mentioned are out there - I would love to hear what you are doing now. I hope you are working with kids again and are happy. Mark - I know where you are and have seen your website. Sounds like you are fulfilling a dream and helping others - good for you.

Hope to hear about some of you.

I, for one, am not buying your story.  I know that BCA has been negatively effected  by the posts here, and your nicey-nice little story smells like a desparate attempt to try and salvage BCA.  

BCA has not corrected any of the issues.  They are scrambling.  The reason is because there is no integrity in the school.  This fact will determine the future.

If he is really happy and growing up then kudos to him and you - I, for one wish you and the kid the best.

The wish for a good end result is what we all have in common. I hope you give credit where it is due - to your kid. He did the work and grew up. CEDU was just the place where he did it. May the sun continue to shile on you.

I have no reason to be untruthful with my post. I have no vested interest in what goes on with BCA in the future.  All I know is that many of the principles that are taught there helped my child learn how to manage in life. I have seen a number of kids come through this program that have been helped greatly.

Roy is correct in saying "your kid did the work".  You bettcha, but this could not have happened here at home.  He even says himself that it was hard being there but he is thankful he went there.  Was it hard - hell yeah - for all of us, but sometimes drastic situations call for drastic measures.

Sounds to me like you have a very large chip on you shoulder about CEDU - and this may be rightfully so because of YOUR own personal experience there - but that does not mean BCA or any of the CEDU schools are not helping kids across the board.

YOu can't take away one person's good experience because of the bad experience of another.


--- Quote ---On 2004-03-31 07:17:00, Anonymous wrote:

YOu can't take away one person's good experience because of the bad experience of another.

--- End quote ---

Isn't that essentially what the Catholic church has been saying all along about priests who molest children?
We did not inherit this land from our ancestors, we borrow it form our children.

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