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I would go so far to say the medication issue is involved in keeping kids there. Instead of developing the skills to communicate, empathize, humanize and build relationships, drugs are used to control behavior. A great bind exists within a medical profession married to money and devoted to corporate interests. When human beings and drugs are combined to induce submission and keep the orginization in the black ink, ethics have been lost.
This is the case whenever you have one psychiatrist seeing 100+ kids at somewhere around $125.00 a pop for a 5 to 15 minuite medication evaluation. I was involved in weekly meetings with staff and psychiatrist, and the agenda appeard to be to up the drug dose or go to a harder drug and eventually a coctail of drugs including antipsychotics and mood stabalizers to keep them safe or from running away. In my professional opinion, the drugs would most often not be needed if the children were not deliberately put in double-binds, tortured verbally, given weeks of table isolation, miserable work assignments, shaming isolation from talking to friends or anyone for that matter, severe punishment for interacting on impulse, and extended isolation for any infraction. Further, workshops (propheets) with innappropriate sexual content, shame induction, pillow pounding and forced emotional screaming and yelling while being screamed and yelled at will often break a child into psychosis expecially if he or she has anxiety, OCD, PTSD, and are being bullied by children and staff with personality disorders such as histrinoc, narcissistic and passive-agreswsive and no psychological training - that is the case at all of the CEDU schools - NWA being the least of CEDUs problems. However, CEDU is always abusive and dangerous because even when you have good people at the top. No one in their right mind and with a consience could enforce that tyranny on children. And you, therefore, can only get fanatics to work there. The far right of the Mormon Church are attracted in mobs because CEDU is like an early chance to practice being a God. And they believe they are going to be Gods at kingdom-come - Lucifer's kingdom.


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