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"I was at BCA from in the mid ninties. When I arrived there were just a few of us there, it is true that a kid did kill himself. He lived up the road at RMA. He hung himself from the big water lines running from each room. Suicide was nothing new there. Plenty of people tried. It was pretty common. Lots of kids had to be rushed to the Hospital for drinking toxic chemicials, or from cutting themselves. CPS(child protection services) was also pretty common. Lots of kids were hurt in restraints and other physical confrontations. I belive that CEDU has potential to be a life altering experience. However, the problem is that you get a lot of shitty staff, who abuse their power. Which is almost criminal in nature. To have a job, in which you are not fit to perform, a job that gives you total influence in other peoples minds, childrens minds, is in my opinion not only criminal, it is flat out burn in hell wrong.

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John Avila
Rocky Mountain Academy
d. July 25, 1994



Cause of Death - Deadly Restraint
Charles "Chase" Moody, 17
+ On Track Wilderness (A CEDU/Brown School)
October 14, 2002


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