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Marty Kruglik number and address

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There was an article posted about Marty last year at survivors about him getting arrested for exposing himself to a minor.Anyway David Hirsh got so upset about it he took it down.What I really meant by upset is, Daivd Hirsch used to suck Marty's cock and swallow his loads and when him and Marty went their own seperate ways David never got over it.

He still posses deep meaningful feelings for this dirty hevan Indian, why, your guess is as good as mine.Maybe because Hirsch likes to rape little boys like Marty does.

Anyway I recently have discovered the kid Marty raped, his father was a soilder for a NY mafia family.I am currently in the process of passing on this info to the mob and let them know about Krugliks where abouts.
I would have to venture on saying that Marty will soon be sleeping with the fishes once they find him.

Ok, I want to be really careful how I put this so there's no misunderstanding.

I don't know that you can't prove every word you've said here. And, sadly, I don't doubt that any of it is true. I'm not the moderator of this forum, but I am the service provider. I won't interfere with anyone saying whatever they want to say. But, as a decent human being, I feel obliged to make sure ya'll know the reality of anonymous posting.

Basically, you're only anonymous to casual readers who can't or are not inclined to press the issue. If some jackass (ehr... I mean interested party) wanted to pursue slander charges, they might be able to legally force me or my provider to divulge the info needed to figure out who you are. I am MUCH disinclined to do that. But I want you to know that it could happen.

If you can prove whatever you state as fact and make a reasonable distinction between fact and opinion, everything's cool. For example, if there's a news article or something showing the details of that rape and semen sample and luring kids with candy, please do continue to let people know about that. If, in your opinion, this person is an evil son of a bitch, you're free to state it (it ain't slander if it's true, and no one on the planet has a higher claim to authority on your opinion than you do.)

Death threats are never a good idea. I'm pretty sure you're just spouting. And I know good and damned well your life was probably threatened numerous times, implicitly or explicitly, by these idiots behind closed doors. But it would be wise to not do that yourself because some people just have no sense of humor.

If anyone ever wants to take back their own words, hit the edit button and provide authentication. If it's an anonymous post, I will (with adequate proof of identity) delete or edit posts at the request of the author. Aside from that, you're on your own. God bless you.

In retrospect...the above post acknowledges responsibility for whatever actions might be taken similar to the words typed herein (threats).

Also..Liability CAN be found in allowing personal information such as unpublished phone numbers and adresses without consent of the owner, to be posted here for public viewing.

A deaththreat, a threat of bodily harm, a suggestion or implied intent for acts such as rape etc. are all crimes. Dont fool yourself by thinking free speech done anonomously is a "get out of jail free card"...quite the contrary. Free speech enables consequence.

At least one person positively identified and requesting criminal charges be filled,  has been implicated here as a potential victim and as a citizen of the people for the people,  I hereby request the identity of those who have threatened ANY individual be identified to the district attorney in both the state of operation of this website, and the state from which threats were submitted.

Anyone with access to this information refusing to divulge said information to the appropriate authority will be considered co-conspirators and at minimum, charged with obstruction and harboring.

Please do not take this lightly...the webmasters, moderators, and any other person or persons enabling criminal actions will be held accountable under the local juristictions of each individual, and may also warrant federal investigation being criminal intent has electronicly crossed state and international boundaries. Efforts to aquire a restraining order to be placed on this website are underway. If successful..further tollerance, as well obstruction of information may likely bring about further charges. In essence..this means if suspected criminal content is deleted, further charges will result.

I am acting in compliance with the duties of an American citizen and have sought the support of the US attorney generals office, and local police.

You are hereby notified.

You know its bad enough that the 3 elan sites that are available to "Us" the former resident's do not allow us to vent or express our hostility towards elan and their asshole staff.But to come here and tell us we cant post what we are posting is low.
Elan alumni,Survivors, and Elan memories will not allow us to post what we want, this site does.

So if you do not agree with what is being posted here then dont come here.if any of this site's content was posted at any of the other sites it would have been deleted.

This is freedom of speech, this is our time.We went through 18 plus months of hell taking their shit now it is our time they take ours.

Freedom of speech does not allow people to say anything they want. If what you say is criminal or libelous or slanderous you can be arrested charged or sued for it. That is the law in this country. It always has been. Freedom of speech means that you can express religious and political ideas without being arrested for it like you can in some countries. It doesn't mean you can say anything at all about anyone at all any time at all whenever you want.

Posting anonymously doesn't mean anything. There is no such thing as annymous on the internet. The exact computer you used when you posted something can be traced and identified at any time. It is very easy to do.

That is why the other "elan sites" don't let you say illegal, slanderous or libelous things on them. It is against the law. You can be sued or arrested for it. If the webmasters allow it they can also be sued or arrested for it. Besides that, the things you are saying aren't ideas or opinions. All they are is mean.


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