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--- Quote from: "Guest" ---It is to be said that one of Clare's children were molested by Marty Kruglik when they were in the program.A group was called on Marty for the allegations but was never granted.
Their was a police investigation but Joe's wallet was able to grease some politician's and it was called off.
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i have to correct my previous stance... i would not put anything past Marc Rosenberg after having had my own issues with his lack of soul or decency
in a personal situation... he is still a drugged out mess here in las vegas.. he
hides behind his mask of wealth and presumed class... while the reality is he
acts like a spoiled schoolyard bully who threatens innocent bystanders simply
for being in the immediate vicinity... i am glad i was lucky enough to get away
from his spiteful vindictiveness which he shows when he is confronted by his own lies and manipulations


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