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Marty Kruglik number and address

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colley hill rd
Gray ME 04039
(207) 657 4421

Someone should send this sick child molesting fuck's number and address to his victim back in the 70's.I'm sure they would pay alot for this info.

Marty presently tries to persuade little boys with candy to join him in the back woods of Maine in his TeePee of love.

He was never really affialted with my house when I was at Elan but when a 3 house general meeting was called Marty was the first one there.

Most of these resdients receiving the 3 house didnt really know who Marty was.Marty would join in on the 3 house G/m/'s and would bounce around like as if he was performing some sort of Indian Ritual war dance.
He always had to throw his 2 cents into any 3 house gm.No one realy cared nor did they pay attention to what he had to say, I know I didnt.
He is nothing but a filthy dirty hevan Indian child rapist.
Marty if you ever happen to stumble across this post here's a big "FUCK YOU AND DIE" to ya.
I hope you get whats coming to you boy,you rapist!!!

I remember a time Marty came into our house to help run some encounter groups and he had know idea what half the residents names were.
Anyway he didnt run the encounter group the way we were used to having one.He would sit there and read off the slips to validate why they were dropped on us and he would consider whether or not it was essential if we could express our hostility towrds the person we dropped a slip on.

Most of the residents were extremely disappointed because they couldn't get their feelings off.After the group the house went to dinner and a fight broke out between 2 residents who had built up alot of hostility towards each other.

And why did this fight happen, all because Marty denied them the right to yell at each other in a group.Two days later house in the dining room was called for a ring from the percussion's of the fight,and of as usual Marty was there to watch it.

I think Marty enjoyed when the residents fought in the ring, he got some sort of sick pleasure out of it.That whole incident could've been avoided if Marty allowed them to vent their hostility.

Elan loved to have rings, the staff their totally abused their power and got off on other people's pain.

Did you know how they found out Marty raped that boy?The police took a sample of his saliva and found the little boys seamon in his saliva.

The sadist cannot stand the separation of the public and the private; nor can he grant to others the mystery of their personality, the validity of their inner order for him to feel his maximum power, he wants the world to be peopled with concrete  manipulatable objects...
-- ERNEST BECKER, The Structure of Evil, 1968.


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