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Utterly friggin' outRAGEOUS!!!


Tucker treatment center fined $5,000

Judging by limited info in the context of this story, I'm guessing they found or cultivated a judge who would believe the myth of the evil, rotten, dangerous satanic teen beast. Since the kid was from the Big City and even his own parents thought he was a dangerous animal, I don't suppose they'd have a hard time selling that to the jury.

What can we do to stop this BS?! Can we picket Alldredge? Get some documented background on the people who run the place and just plaster the nearest town with them?

Please spread this around.

They are basically saying that his life was worth 5,000 that is such bullshit. What can we do really. Can we find the name of the judge and bring this out into the open more? You know to a big corperation that is no money they basically just gave them the green light to abuse and kill kids. What can we do?? I am so angry this are just fucking kids. :sad:

You should have seen the letters they sent out to all the parents who had sent their kids there urging them to donate to the "defense fund". Whenever I ask how it possibly costs almost 20 thousand dollars to take a kid into the woods for 2 months and give them a phony transcript for 1 month of "school", I always get the same answer. They always claim that the insurance is outrageous, which I am sure it is for those that actually bother to get insured but that still does not account for the obvious profiting of the operators from these supposedly non-profit programs. Despite the relatively mild nature of Alldredge compared to many other programs, kids who go there still get referred to samoa and other places on a regular basis. Alex told me that if you tried to escape 3 times they would tell your parents you need to be sent elsewhere.

Actually according to the story they got the maximum penalty for what they pled guilty to. Unfortunately the state did not have the strongest case and it was only filed because the parents essentially brought their own federal prosecutor into it. Not that the school is any good but I am far less disapointed in this verdict than in other far more egregious abuse cases. Any updates on the buffalo soldiers bootcamp death case, the owner is up for murder and possession of 1/4 Lb of Marijuana? I am far more interested in that case than this one.  

"You know, I used to think it was awful that life was so unfair. Then I thought, wouldn't it be much worse if life were fair, and all the terrible things that happen to us come because we actually deserve them?" Babylon 5-A Late Delivery from Avalon

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Where is the link to that story? I would love to read about that.


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