Author Topic: Where did Art Get this stuff?  (Read 1742 times)

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Where did Art Get this stuff?
« on: May 14, 2002, 07:16:00 PM »
Good question. Most of the techniques used by Art Barker in the Seed seemed to be a direct lift from the synanon,a California treatment for adult heroin addicts  that went haywire and turned into a bizzare cult, but to date a direct connection of Art and the synanon has not been made. The synanon used hauntingly familar techniques, and these techniques spread to other areas of the country like Daytop in New York, but Art Barker is credited with creating the first synanon type drug treatment facility for non addicted adolescents. Art's concept was easily copied and spread thruout the united states like the ebola virus. Today, it is unknown how many drug treatment facilities use Art's techniques, but many, many exist, perhaps one in your own backyard.

The synananon thought reform techniques used at the seed, and then at all subsequent copycat programs since such as the Straight, Kids, SAFE, etc, have a direct link somehow to Chinese and Koren thought reform. More than one person has smirked and rebuked this, but just a cursory examination of those techniques and you will see the corelation.

As an example, My good friend Wes dug this up.
"What is meant by backbiting, or criticizing behind one?s back? . . . Some comrades have something to say about other comrades, but they never speak out openly. They always TALK BEHIND ONES BACK . . . then this can be called criticizing behind one?s back, which is PROHIBITED by the Party."
From a captured Communist Chinese document  found in the book "Brainwashing in Red China, the Calculated Destruction of Men?s Minds"
 emp added

If anyone can recall the treatment center Art said he attended, please post. I have a vague memory of Art saying he was in a treatment center up north, and he used to say the name, but it escapes me.
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Re: Where did Art Get this stuff?
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AA, dur  :seg2:
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