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Parents in the US and Russia - so alike while enemies



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If you have watch "Hell Camp - Teen nightmare" on Netflix, you have learned all about the US domestic fight against the teenage life. The teenagers in the US cannot like young Danes go into a shop and buy alcohol, so they will never sit down over some beers and talk. As result they live in a divided society.

The parents in the US can legally hire a firm which collects the kids and place them in handcuffs and legirons only for them to take the children to wilderness camps where some of them die or so-called private prisons called boarding schools or residential treatment centers where some also die.

Why? Tougher legislation - the fight against drugs, 3-strike laws made the parents fear for the future of their children. So these places have been allowed to kill children for several decades.

Now parents in Russia who have children who might see themselves as the other gender or a unicorn can opt to take their children to private hospitals where the so-called doctors try to "cure" the children. We all know what is going to happen.

The bodies of teenagers will start to pile up.

Why? Tougher legislation against LGBTQIA+ make the parents fear for the future of their children.

Two countries who is against each others both have parents who react the same.

Victims of the Troubled Teen Industry in the United States (Domestic Prisoners of Conscience)
In Russia, parents are having gay children abducted to be ?cured? (The Washington Post)


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